Do I increase my portions under these circumstances?

  • I walk  5 miles every other day to the swimming pool where I swim at a leisurely pace for about an hour. Sometimes I do 10 miles a day but that's maybe once or maximum twice a week. This has been my routine for years. Now i do BFL as well.

     I also joined a boxing club last week. I go in the evening long after BFL is done, meals had, and I feel rested (I work from home as a translator so sinking in a recliner with a laptop and a snack is "work").  I should go to the boxing club twice a week. The exercises are not taxing (Compared to BFL where you work your butt off). It only taxes my arms and shoulders a bit. My first boxing lesson coincided with an upper body workout, and I saw hell the next day from lactic acid buildup.. but it was hmmmm.. fun.

    I had to increase my portions a bit for the past few times I have been to the boxing club, otherwise I was feeling I was going to pass out.

    However, do I need to stick it out and keep the portion sizes by the book, or am I doing the right thing?

    PS: I am not trying to "top up" my BFL workout. I just get bored and need stuff to do instead of lazing around the house or the pub. I don't like sitting still.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • first, upping your activity and decreasing if physique suicide. So you definitely dont want to decrease. Now if you feel you are going to pass out, then yes up your calories. You have to know exactly what your doing though, because many people think that just cause hey do more cardio or they are more active that it gives them a right to just eat more. You can easily cut into your deficit to where you arent losing bodyfat.

    So in short, if you feel faint, up your food and monitor those results in accordance to your goals.