• Does anyone work their glutes instead of their calves?

    I have very large calves (genetics + running) and am more interested in working my glutes - it it okay to switch the muscle groups?

  • Hi andini,

    Stick to the program as it is. If you don't exercise your calves well you will eventually create a muscle imbalance in your body that will result in injury (most probably to something totally different linking the calves to the rest of your lower body dynamics).

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  • could you, for instance, just use your body weight and/or very LIGHT weights when working out your calves, if you already have very strong/large/muscular calves?? for women, i think, we are paranoid about having huge calf muscles, as a lot of us do!

    and speaking of glutes, would it really do any harm to add in a set in BFL style for your butt?? Just wondering! (since we all want a hot ass LOL)

  • I am sure you are aware that the LP Leg Press does also work your glutes if you use the machine in the book.  That is another reason I decided to stick with the lying leg press despite my mistrust in the safety mechanics of it and the stress it does put on the knees and the lower back(i use a belt to help out with that and watch my foot placement on the plate to help with the knee problem and increase the weight gradually on this one) WPBILL

  • Juicy--

    I work my glutes -- I add donkey kicks (bent and straight) & firehydrants to my LBWO.  As far as calves, I was not blessed with large calves but my sisters who haven't worked out since they were in high school 20+ yrs still have large defined calves and they are big girls.  If they are big already you can focus more on your glutes.

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  • I do glutes in addition to calves, quads and hamstrings. I have also recently added hip adductors and abductors back into my lower body workout. And boy can I tell they have been neglected. To offset the additional time spent on lower body, I moved abs to cardio days, so they get three times a week. I do a set of both regular crunches and obliques.

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  • I do the same thing Saralynn.  I have moved my abs to cardio so I have more time for my lovely lower body :)

    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • I try to make sure that I get the most bang for my buck by doing leg exercises that work my whole leg so my glutes get extra squats, lunges, and leg press for example. That way I can focus on one of my best "ass"ets. lol. I've always been pretty happy with my calves and didn't care to add any size there so I didn't work them hard during my challenge. I tried to add at least several sets of  single leg calve raises (usually without weight) to every LBWO, but sometimes I skipped it altogether or substituted an extra glute exercise. I think it is important to work them, but that was the only muslce group for which I veried from the typical BFL weight program and did more high rep, low weight exercises.

  • all helpful information, thank you everyone :)

  • I am adding a glutes workout in mine. I know that most muscles are worked through the exercises, but I want to build my bottom up...I get chubby everywhere but I am hoping to put a pad on it- muscle.

  • Squat deep (to parallel) to work the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

  • I have decent calves (all from playing soccer) and they stayed well muscled. I dream of nice glutes and losing the pancake hiney. For glutes, I pile on the weight and do the 12, 10, 8, 6 reps. For the calves, I ease up on the weights and do 30lbs even though that's easy for me. But like Ruby says, you will create a muscle imbalance if you don't exercise your calves at all.

    Saralynn, I recently added hip adductors and abductors as well. That was one neglected body part for me.

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  • I don't know that I would switch, but I like to add straight leg deadlifts to hamstrings because it helps work hams (and get a good stretch) and works the butt also!