HIIT Swimming Routine?

  • I am currently injured - stress fracture on my ankle - and can only bike and swim for cardio.  I am starting BFL tomorrow (wish me luck!) and was wondering if anyone has done a swimming HIIT routine.... I am not sure how to do HIIT in the pool (and p.s. I am not a very strong swimmer).  Anyway, any advice would be wonderful!  Also - is there a forum or any spot on the website that shares workout routines? I know it is individualized, but sometimes it helps to see how other people have organized their workouts.


    Thanks Ya'll!

  • hey andini, I swim for HIIT sometimes its just nice to get into the water, It is a little difficult if you don't have a giant clock infront of you (thankfully our county pool has one) the only challenge with that is getting the lanes thats directly infront of it so you can peeek at it every now and then to gauge yourself... other than that a wrist watch would be the only way but even that can be a challenge simply because you have to stop your stroke to see where you are at timewise.. anyway congrats on deciding to be a better you inside and out! you can do this!

  • Andini, I posted a similiar thread back in the beginning of my C1, and got some great answers. I am sure it is still up in the threads.  I love swimming so wanted to do the HIIT in the pool.  But I had the same issues that island dude mentioned.  Now I am in C2 and have figured out how to do the swimming HIITS for me.  Because of the length of my pool what I do is swim at a slow to med rate for a lap (up and back), then increase the speed on the next lap, increase again, and then on the 4th lap push 90%. next 4 repeat.  But to get it in 20 minutes I add a 5th peak instead of the programs 4.  

    The only other way for me to do it would be to mark the pool with staggered lengths, and that would always be changing due to improvements.  Or as island dude said, break stroke to look at your watch.  Hope you get it figured out for you, and you may not be a strong swimmer now but I bet anything at the end of the challenge you will so much better.  

  • If you are able to do the stationary bike, then don't forget about that.  Incorporate it into your training as well.  If you go to the Emily Alvers website and look at her blog; she has a bike HIIT broken down on there already.  She is a past BFL winner and has had great success.  She is a great inspiration and I am sure you will find much helpful info. on her site.

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