Why do we decrease weights at High Point 9-10?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I understand from the book (the schedules Bill mapped out as his sample workouts) that the weights are decreased at high points 9 and 10. Example (I lost the book so I have to put just exemplary figures here), the pattern is like this:

    level five - 12 reps - 50 pounds

    level six - 10 reps - 60 pounds

     level  seven - 8 reps - 70 pounds

    level eight - 6 reps - 80 Pounds (in the book this is the highest weight in any exercise for any muscle group)

    Then (where my question lies)

    Level 9: he reduces the weights with no particular percentage to say 40 pounds or 50 or 25

    Level 10: He reduces the weights even more. I am not detecting any percentage or relation either.


    My questions are: (1) Why do we do this, and (2) what is the percentage or pattern we need to follow reducing weights? I have been reducing them randomly and sometimes I am not feeling I am hitting a high point. It's a hit and miss.

    The numbers are just to explain. Thanks.



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  • Hi Ruby! In the book he tells you that after your Intensity 8(6reps) you need to go back to the weight you used for 8reps and do the Intesity 9(12 reps). He does not tell you what weight to use on your 10, but after you get to know your body, you should already know what weight to use for your last 12 reps in a different exercise. Hope this helps!

  • he decreases the weight but he also increases the reps, intensity of effort isnt only down to amount of weight lifted its to do with how many times you lift a weight also, plus your muscles are getting pre fatiqued from the sets you did previously so theres no choice but to decrease the weight, if your finding this too easy i would say your first 4 sets are too light

  • Thanks.

    I think i missed where he said we need to decrease the weights at level 9 to that of level 7. His sample workout routines did not show it either. I will try it that way and see how it pans out.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I'm glad I looked at this old post.  I'm in week 2 and didnt realize I was doing this wrong.  I was actually trying to do the intensity 9/10 with a higher weight than intensity 8 and was having a hard time finishing the set.  I would get to anywhere from rep 3-4-5 and just be so maxed out i'd have to lower the weight to finish the set.

    No wonder, I wasnt doing it properly!  

  • Hey Ruby,

    I know you have already gotten a number of responses, but I thought I'd chime in as well.

    Remember, you are not simply dropping the weight to a previous level. You are dropping set 5 (12 reps) to a weight that will require 90% effort. It may vary with each exercise. Dropping the weight to what you lifted on set 3 (8 reps) is just a starting point or estimate. You need to determine what weight requires 90% of your  effort. On set 6 (final set), you want a weight that requires 100% effort. This is the set that causes you to feel like quitting after rep five, but you manage to get #6. You want to quit again after 6, but you find the fortitude to do 7. If you are doing this set correctly, this is how you feel until you somehow squeak out all 12.

    As mentioned in another response, dropping weight on the last two sets is due to the increase in reps and muscle fatigue from your previous sets.

    One final suggestion. If you get to twelve on the last set without feeling like you had to give everything (100% effort), do 13, 14 or 15 reps. If you are able to go past twelve, you know it is time to increase the weight for that last set.

    Good Luck!