Training for endurance while doing BFL

  • I usually compete in a few triathlons and bike races during the summer. I enjoy them but will admit that they didn't get me the weight loss i was looking for so I decided to try Body-for-Life, but I still want to do a few of these races. The short 20 minute high intensity cardio of BFL doesn't seem like it will prepare me well for longer hour+ events. Usually my training involved longer times on my bike or running, at a lower intensity. Does anyone out there have a suggestion about how I can train for these type of endurance events while on the program?

  • Hi! I'll share with you some info I got from my brother, b/c I was asking him the same question. He just got out of the military and is into extreme fitness. He has completed marathons, a triathlon (only one I can remember?), and the latest: the Buffalo 50 mil.

    He encouraged me to look into research on interval training. I really don't think your endurance training and Body for Life cardio are going to be counteractive. I actually think, from what I've been reading, that our interval training will help you gain more strength and endurance than if you trained w/o intervals. I'll be curious to see what you think about this. ?? :)