Should I be feeling sore

  • Hi,

    I have a similar question to another posted earlier.  I don't feel alot of muscle soreness as people mention so it makes me think that I am not working hard enough.   It feel difficult to complete the last 5 reps of the final 12.  I never know if i am working hard enough. I lifted weights before BFL and didnt take 1 mins breaks in between so it actually feels like I am not working as hard now because my heart rate doesnt stay up.  Any thoughts?

  • Hmm..Did you try new exercises or did you just use the same exericises but with the BFL model?  The last 2 should really be tough.  Like even if a gun was at your head you may not be able to get them up tough.. I know that's how it is for me anyway and my upper body is killing me lol.  I'd rather fail a few reps short than finish too easy so don't be afraid to add more weight.  

    I would try all new exercises..things you've never done or haven't done in months.  See if that  helps.