dumbbells weight during the challenge

  • Hi all
    I can't workout at the gym so I'm training at home with dumbbells.
    It's harder when you train at home alone with a set of used dumbbells and no external feedback to know whether you're
    doing everything right.

    My doubt is whether I'm using the right weight for big muscles exercises (chest press, single-arm rows and squats)
    and I was wondering if you're in the middle of your first challenge (or remember when you were) and using dumbbells
    instead of training at the gym, what maximum weight are you lifting in your chest, back and legs exercises.

    Thank you!

  • Starting off too light is fine, as long as you progress.  Keep a written log of how much weight you are using for each set.  If you feel it's too easy, write a (+) next to the weight so you know to take it up a notch next time.  If you can't do the full set,  write the number you did do in parentheses to the right.  For example, 60 (5) Means 60 pounds, five times.  That gives you a goal to beat the next time, or you can go down in weight (though I wouldn't recommend that unless it's one of the high rep sets).  Only count the lifts you didn't cheat on!  ;)

    The next time you work out, you use the previous workout's log as a guide.  The goal is to keep "beating" the previous workout by a bit as it gets easier and easier.  

    Your log will quickly get you to the right amount of weight, even if you started too light.