Squats or Leg extensions?

  • Last week was week one for me, I got so sore after doing my lower body work out I could barely walk, now with week two and two lower body work outs coming this week I wonder if it would be better to replace the squats with extensions for a while. I don't want to get so sore and not be able to do the work out properly.

  • Interesting question Bronco.  If it were me I would stick to the squats, your body will adjust and get used to you putting it to the test.   It takes a while to get used to the adjustment of this type of training but you will start to see improvements weekly, at least I have.   And I am so much stronger now (week 11) than I was in week 1 or week 6.   The only thing I can think of is that you might want to back off on the amount of weight a bit and really figure out if you are doing exertion levels with the right set of reps.  So when you hit the 12 reps it feels light the first couple, then you are reaching muscle failure by 12.  At least thats my read.   Let me know how it works out for you.

  • Thanks firesong, thought the same thing maybe to much weight to start with, I thought I started pretty light but boy was I wrong I guess, so tired of having skinny legs I may have went over board lol. I will let you know after Monday's work out.

  • Its easy to go over board at times, wanting things to change fast.  I did that last week with my ubwo and had to make some adjustments.  What I am still so impressed with is the improvements I see every week.  Make sure to keep a log, journal etc.  You will be amazed.  Look forward to hearing from you.

  • You are not going to see changes unless you step out of your comfort zone.  It sounds like you are hitting your 10's.  DOMS is good; it means your muscles are responding to the work you are doing.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi BDMom, yes I agree but gotta be able to walk to lol!

    I'm dropping weight for the squats, and also going to do a little stretching and 5 minutes on the tread mill before I start the legs to make sure I don't get as sore.

  • Bronco,

    I really think this is something you ar going to have to deal with to make a great transformation, you said you could barely walk yet you still did walk, it wasnt like you were in a wheelchair, get tough with yourself and face adversity head on, fair enough if your muscles are still sore when it comes to your next lower body workout feel free to skip, your still in need of recovery but I would not go lower the weight just because of DOMS, especially if the weight your currently doing is managble

  • Hey firesong, I started out about 20lbs lighter today, sore but not as bad so I can live with it. Yes I'm also keeping a log myself. I didn't get real sore on ubwo, just the front thighs after the squats on lbwo, so I can deal with a lot of the soreness, I just don't want to get so sore I miss any work outs. Hope your work out was a great one!

  • Went down a bit on weight and it doesn't seems as bad, a little sore but not close to last week's pain. The weight is manageable I lowered them a little to start out with after a couple of weeks I'm sure my body will adjust to the new work out.

  • Bronco,  Good job!

    I read the other posts in here too and I don't disagree with them completely.  They have valid points.  Soreness is just somethign we live with while continually pushing ourselves.  But if you can't do your next work out, then it seems to me (just me) that you aren't moving in the right direction.  Especially since last week was your first week.  You will find you will go right back up to those weights, and surpass them by leaps and bounds and think to yourself  'now why was that so hard?'.  

    And my lbwo yesterday was awesome, I posted on the boards about feeling like a monster.  I hit another new high on my leg press for squats.  I felt I went BIG, even though it wasn't anything compared to what the guys do in there.  But then I am not a guy, and besides, its my personal best that counts for me, and I did hit it BIG.  Can't wait until I hear how you get there in your workouts too.  

    And remember its not about over night success........you will get there.

  • Firesong, Thanks, and yes I agree with the points also, but at same time think if I have to miss workouts that isn't good either. So a small hurdle I will overcome, I'm sure.

    LOL a monster huh? Great glad to hear it and congrats on a new personal best!  

  • Bronco,

    Just so you know, the monster reared its head in the gym again today during my cardio after work.  Came home, did normal stuff.  Sat down for dinner, then relaxed doing some reading and tv and stood up to walk somewhere and funny thing, could hardly move.  *LOL*  Walking through the house like I am 110.  Thankfully tomorrow is ubwo.  And this is week 12....guess it means I am still improving.  Keep me updated on how things go for you.   Oh and if you want to join us in the challenge buddy thread, come on over.  

  • Firesong,

    That is awesome well except the having to walk like a 110 year old, but well worth it I'm sure. You are doing great great to hear esp. in week 12. I had a good cardio this morning not monster like but still good. Ok I will see you on that thread as well.

  • Still sore this morning, but at least walking upright.  

  • What if you alternated between two different lower body workouts?  For example:

    Workout 1

    Leg Extensions (12,10,8,6,12)

    Leg Press (12)

    Standing Leg Curls (12,10,8,6,12)

    Lunges (12)

    Seated Calf Raises (12,10,8,6,12)

    Standing Calf Raises (12)

    Seated Ab Machine (12,10,8,6,12)

    Oblique Side Bends (12)

    Workout 2

    Squats (12,10,8,6,12)

    Leg Extensions (12)

    Lying Leg Curls (12,10,8,6,12)

    Deadlifts (12)

    Donkey Calf Raises (12,10,8,6,12)

    Seated Calf Raises (12)

    Leg Lifts (12,10,8,6,12)

    Seated Ab Machine (12)