Bench Press question for Women

  • Just curious what other women bench press!  I am wondering if I am pushing myself hard enough.  I workout alone mostly so I sometimes feel I would need a spot to go heavier and feel weird asking for someone to spot.

    I would love to hear other women's routine! Do you count the weight of your bar when quoting your numbers?


  • Obviously I am not a woman Laurie, but my wife and I work out together. The best answers to your questions is, yes it wouldbe a good idea to have a spotter, even if you think what you are lifting is "light" weight. I am not sure where you workout at but we workout at a gym called 24 hour fitness. There has been times where I have been working out alone and a female has asked me to spot her. Most people, do not mind spotting others. So do not ever feel weird for asking. As for counting the total weight, yes you should. Most bench press barbells ragne from 45 to 55 lbs, depending on the manufacturer. So absolutely you should add that weight to plates that you put on the bar. But in the end, it does not matter how much you bench press, what counts is if you are using proper technique and are you challenging your muscles, with the weight that you are using. For the record, currently my wife benches 75 lbs, but she her max has been 105 lbs (the bar plus 25 lbs on each side). I hope this helps.


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  • Hi Laurie, I workout alone, @ home, and sometimes I "feel" like I could go heavier, but I don't b/c I don't have a spotter either.  My upper body is so WEAK, I hate it!  When I write the weight down, I don't include the bar, I only put down what's on each side.

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  • Laurie and Doinit

    For my own tracking records I do not put down the weight of the bar either, its just easier to count the weights for me.  I try to make it as easy as possible.  I was increasing by 2.5 lb increments at first, but now am able to do so by 5 pounds each rep.

    I did my ubwo today, and for my bench press I did 30 lbs for 12, 35 for 10, 40 for 8, 45 for 6, and 35 for 12 then went to a shoulder press machine for the last 12.  (those weights are without counting the bar)  

    And everyone is different.  You might press a lot more or less, no matter.

    As long as you hit your 'ten' and you should be seeing some improvement and increasing weekly.  

  • Firesong- You are STRONG!!!  Impressed!  Way to go!  I am only up to 30 for my heaviest!  Your post is not discouraging cuz I know everyone is different but very impressed!  You can lift more then some of the males I see up there.  Feel empowered cuz that has got to feel good!




  • Laurie,

    I am real happy with my improvements in my weight lifting especially as I look back at where I started.  I don't think the bar in my gym weighs as much as Bizzeys do so not that strong, but it sure feels good to be able to improve every week.  And thank you.  

  • Hi,   I'm a women and have been lifting weights for a little over 15 years. I agree with what firesong said if you are hitting your 10's don't worry about the weight. If you cannot find a spotter and feel that you could be injured bench pressing, try dumbell presses instead they work the same muscle groups as bench presses.

  • Hello,

    You might even consider using dumbbells when doing your bench press. These will bring other muscle sets into play and if you get to the point of's could be safer. Don't be afraid to ask for a spot...gyms are full of people who would be willing to lend a helping hand.

  • I laminated a copy of the weight routine from the book and I record my weight and try to up it every couple of weeks. Try out some weight machines, like the "pec fly" and "chest press" if you don't want to ask for help.


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  • Thanks everyone for your responses!  I also use dumbbells to do chest exercises!  I like to do both for variety!  I was just curious what other women do weight wise cuz I have been wanting to push myself.  I never see women at my gym doing the bench press- only dumbbells so I was just wanting to pick some of your brains on the subject!  Everyone has been very encouraging.  Thankyou!!!


  • im really scard of becoming bulky if i use haevy weights,will this happen??


  • I'm a newbie, in 2nd week, and started with very little muscle.  I do my bench presses with dumbbells and do 10/15/20/25 lbs, but can't get the full 6 reps on the 25#....each time is an improvement!


  • Lydia, no it won't happen unless you do years of it with very heavy weight, ladies are different then men when it comes to the bulk part.

  • thanks Bronco, i think im just freking out

  • it is all good and nothing to worry about probably a concern a lot of ladies would have