Home gym- new at this- what size weights should I buy?

  • I would like to order a good dumbbell set to use at home for my workouts, however, I am completely new at this Body for Life (started last Thursday) and so I need advice on what size weights to get that will not only work for me at the present but also that can be added on over time when I become stronger. On Amazon I am only seeing 40 lb. weight sets that are affordable, this seems like not enough weight. I am able to lift 30- 35 lbs. on each side but since I am supposed to be hitting my 10 I may need something heavier. Suggestions?

  • Find a used sporting goods store. The one in my town chanrges a dollar a pound. How much would shipping cost? Craigslist is another good place to look

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  • Have to agree w/ BryanL . . . my go to store is Play It Again Sports.  Great deals!  I have a huge variety; my dbs range from 5LB all the way to 35LB.  Good luck - Best of luck on your journey!

  • It's already been said, but I will echo it...USED is your friend.  Craigslist is awesome, but you have to patient.  Play it Again Sports is great too.

    IF you can swing it...Powerblock Dumbbells are great.  I have a set that goes from 5-90# and I have well under $500 in the set.  You can get smaller sets for much less.  I lucked up on the set I got...but I had to be patient to get it.  I found a 5-50 lb set not long ago on Craigslist for $200 OBO so the deals can be found.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that if you piece together a set...places like Play it Again always buy or trade with you.  So there are always options out there for the savy shopper!  Good luck in the search.

  • I found a guy on craigslist selling some dumbbells and weights, but I need advice on how man weights to get. Here is what he is selling:

    Standard plates in regular style (4) 50's, (3) 25's, (2) 20's, (6) 10's, (4) 1.25's...80 cents a pound. Grip style (2) 25's, (2) 2.5's...$1 a pound.