• I am starting the BFL challenge tomorrow and was wondering if videos such as P90X and TaeBo are suitable for the  cardio days.  I have read a lot of posts where machines are used and as I do not have machines or a membership to a gym I feel my options are limited.  I have done TaeBo and P90X and think they are both a great workout,  just not sure how they would correlate with the timed intensity levels.  Any thoughts on this?

  • just my opinion here lisinsane, but since you are just starting bfl, and your options are limited, i would do the cardio using your feet and the road and a watch.  nothing against those programs, but its real important you learn the cardio as prescribed in bfl, and understand how to do it correctly and be able to hit your "tens".  The first week is usually experimental for most no matter in the gym or on machines as they adjust and get used to it.  Good luck

  • Firesong, You are probably right.  I guess I feel like I've been doing these videos for so long that changing to only 20 minutes of cardio isn't going to do anything for me, but I should learn the program as is, not adapt it before I even start it.  What other carido options is out there?

  • lisinsane, I think everyone goes through that cardio withdrawal.  I was talking to a friend the other night and I knew how she was going to react when I told her how 'little' cardio I was doing.  But the proof is in the pudding as they used to say. Believe me, when you hit your first ten, and that means you have nothing else to give, you will get it.   Its a pretty amazing feeling.

    Lots and lots of folks on here want to do more cardio, but really, give the program a chance. It does work as prescribed.  I have got 5 weeks to go in my challenge and already its worked amazing for me.  

  • I would venture to say that most people come to BFL because what they are doing isn't working for them. Why continue to do something that isn't giving the results they want?

    Give BFL twelve weeks and see what it does for you. P90X and TaeBo will still be there when you finish - if you don't get hooked on HIIT!

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Actually they worked for me very well, I just eat too much.  I really need to get that part under control, and thought the structure of this program would help.  I just feel that not having access to a gym will greatly limit my cardio (and I don't have a bike).  Again, if anyone has suggestion beyond running, biking, and jumprope please let me know.  Thanks!!

  • Honestly, if those cardio workouts are something you truly love and can stick to - then do it for goodness sakes!  DO what you will stick to!!!  

    During my 12 week challenge my cardio consisted of wogging the neighborhood (wogging = walk/jogging), sometimes cardio kickboxing via a DVD, and high volume kettlebell swinging.

    I just looked back on my journal - some of my most fun cardio workouts were simply jumping around/dancing to loud music in my living room, getting my groove on and shaking it like a salt shaker.

    Let me say it again - do whatever cardio you will stick to.  That is all.  :)

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • I agree with with BFLSue, do what you love. I have had the greatest success by incorporating new exercises into my cardio days. some days I will hit the eliptical and do my "high points" during the chorus of the song I am listening to on my ipod. I will do a 6-8 song cardio session and believe me, it whoops me pretty good. some days I will hit the punching dummy, or do "road work". I am familiar with the P90X as well as the Insanity program and have done both. Both are excellent programs and you will get good results. But both of those also have their own complete programs to follow that are similar, but not quite the BFL. I have done and completed the BFL challenge 4x since 1999. I am a competetive athlete and no matter how much I train, what program I do, it reallly comes down to these four things:

    1. Nutrition:

    Nutrition is critical, what you put in your body greatly affects teh way you look and feel. with a clean eating program that has not been explained better anywhere than it has by Bill Phillips. the success you can obtain is unbelievable.

    2. Strength Training and Conditioning:

    Strength training and conditioning is paramount in any successful attempt to change your body composition. No matter what you do, as long as you are getting the results you want. do it!! Every so often when the body adapts and you plateau. mix it it up try something different beit the BFL Challenge, P90X, Cardio Kick boxing whatever. As long as it is something that you enjoy doing and know that you are looking forward to doing it each day.

    3. Supplementation:

    Make sure you are replenishing your body with the nutrients it requires to make the successful changes you are looking to achieve. I use a variety of supplements that my body needs examples are as follows


    Krill Oil

    Super Greens



    Flax seed

    with those 3 components you can achieve amazing succes with just 1 more ingredient, and as always the best has been saved for last.

    4. Mindset:

    Your mindset is the most critical element in the equation. With the right mindset nothing can hold you back. With a strong belief in yourself and the motivation to do whatever you need to do to get the results you want, you will be unstoppable.

    I apologize for the "over-explanation" of your question. but since you have just started the BFL and you have concerns about not having machines or a gym membership, I thought I would give you a little positive reinforcment :-).

    Bottom line, do whatever cardio that you know you will absolutely get up and do every Tues, Thursday and Sat. for however long you want to do it. Just make sure you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and hitting the "high points".

    As far as your workouts, you would be surprised at just how effective of a workout you can get just using your own body weight and a cheap set of dumbells.

  • So that means Wii games are fair game.  Haha, Just Dance really kicked my butt when I had a dance challenge with my daughter.  Thanks for the reply and what is kettlebell swinging?

  • Wow!  Thanks for the indepth reply, it really helped clarify.  Again, I love P90X, but I felt that the nutrition part of it was not laid out as well as BFL, which, as you said, isn't explained better anywhere else.  So, the nutritional aspect is definitely the number one reason why I started this program.  I wish I would have read this post earlier because due to the rainy and cold weather in Ohio my plan to jog outside got derailed.  I contemplated doing a video but kept going round and round on how to gauge the intensity levels.  Finally, i setteled on walking up and down my 16 steps wearing a 5lb weight strapped to each ankle and a 3lb weight strapped to each wrist. Let me tell you I barley made it to the end! What a work out!  Thanks again!!!!

  • Absolutely, anything that elevates the heart rate and that you can keep between 65-85% of your max heart rate (220-your age id your maximum heart rate) will be effective in helping you lean out and shed the unwanted pounds.

    like I said, just push your self outside your normal comfort zone and you will see results almost immediately.

    Bill's nutrition plan is highly respected in the athletic and bodybuilding community. Bill had it right back in 1997 when he first put it out for everyone. many have tried to imitate and duplicate but with little success. because they always forget about "the human factor". meaning that no one can stay on a highly restrictive diet forever, Bill recognized that and allows you to be human one day a week.

    Kettleball swinging is basically the combination of body movements using plyometrics and weight.

    if you are on a budget, which most everyone is these days, look around for a "swiss ball" and some rubber bands. both are relatively cheap and you would be amazed at the type of workouts you can get just using those 2 things. from squats to abdominal workouts to just about anything, all for around $50-$100.

  • hey! why stuff with the 20min HIT??? theres reasons for this being set the way it is..... dont re-invent the wheel.. go for it

  • I would think the problem with P90x (which I have done) is that unless you are doing the Kenpo or Plyo you will probably be doing weights.  I would thing you certainly wouldn't want to do BFL weights followed by P90x weights.  Too much strength training.  Good luck!