training software.. or apps..

  • Greetings fellow BFL'rs

    I was curious if anybody uses any workout tracking software via ipod iphone or cell phone? I have an app called cardio trainer.. I use it to record all my workout weight training running biking.. it has pretty much everything.. it tracks your route via phones gps calculates time distance and speed.. also gives you your averages after workout has finished.. Idk how accurate calories burned is but according to the info my phone gave me and the treadmill there was about 2tenths of a mile if distance difference and a fifty calorie difference so its pretty good i guess.. also works great for HIIT i set the voice input to talk to me every minute so no need staring at a watch when i do it when the voice talks time to turn it up a notch.. routes that are charted via gps are also published on the apps website so you can view and even share heres one from a walk i took on the beach ... 

    Satellite view above and on foot view below ...... also met a couple of sunbathers along my walk

    anyway... i was curious if and what kind of apps you use to record workouts...

    Thanks everyone .... :-)

    P.S. its also free


  • island dude,  great place you have to do your exercises!!   And cool neighbors.

    What I was using wasn't quite as sophisticated but was working exceptionally well for me is something called a sportsbrain.  its a pedometer style, and you wear it all the time, then you plug it into your computer via usb port and it downloads all your information to a website.  There you get your mileage, mph, duration, spikes, intervals, it records daily, weekly, monthly charts etc etc.   What it doesnt do is gps and routes, but because I am in the mountains and just got another dumping of snow for now I am not needing that.  

    But I keep using the phraseology of the past, it did get knocked off one day while I was running errands and when I retraced my steps, I found it in the road in pieces.  It had come off when I was getting out of my car.  Totally my fault and I miss it and just haven't been able to replace it yet.  

    I have wondered how the apps would work as I have a ipod touch and if that would be accurate.  Also I liked my sportsbrain because it tracked everything I did all day long which really showed me when I sit on my behind too much.  

  • Thanks firesong, well yeah if your covered in snow at the moment working out outside wouldn't be good.. I had a similar incident with my phone case had an otterbox covering it and left the holster which is made for the case on the roof of my car after a workout.. (I was running late for work) My cell phone is a pretty bulky one too so it wouldn't fit in anything else so lifting weights while holding it wasn't possible I had to breakdown and get just buy another case.. (not the same one) thank you for sharing..