Active Rest (is hard lol)

  • Ok, so I am really struggling with this active rest thing!!  I always thought I was a person that just "went with the flow", but I now know that I THRIVE on routine!!  Anyway, I have a few questions about active rest ...

    First can or should I still be doing HIIT cardio on my AR days or just some other steady state of cardio?  Second what are you doing on your normal weight training days??  Yesterday I found myself wanting to life so bad, so instead of one of my normal routines I tried some "new moves" such as 1 leg dead lifts and reverse lunges ... but I still used pretty have weights and I think that defeats the purpose.  So tomorrow I was thinking of doing push-ups, pull-ups, bench dips, etc ... anything nonresistance ... do you think that is good??


    Any helpful hints or advice is welcome ... I KNOW my joints need a break but it is just so hard to go from being so stricted

    to taking a break ... I just can't change gears like that lol.  THanks ;-)

  • Hi 1fitmama!

    I'm on Week 11 planning to go into active rest in two weeks and then another challenge.

    This is what I'm planning to do:

    - Eat the same way I've been eating during C1.

    - Do HIIT 3 times a week same days as during C1. I want this because I want the weekends not to be completly free of exercise. I'm affraid of losing the habit.

    - NO weight training. Instead use the other 3 days to do something different (spinning or swimming) Most likely I'll be swiming for 30 minutes or so.

    - One free day a week.

    I am so looking forward to the active rest as I am exahusted, really tired. I'm doin gthe weights with a traininer and he is really making it hard... But in a good way.


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  • I only did one week of "active" rest. I was anxious to get back into the routine again. I just followed the same eating plan for the week, and went for walks and an occasional jog. Still lost a pound doing nothing more than just being aware of my habits. C2 started today, feel great and looking forward to the challenge!

  • 1 leg deadliftts??  omg  do you lift the non-working leg behind you in a balance kind of move, so it's parallel with the floor?  actually that sounds fun for something different.  Now I wanna do it.  

  • Lol @ OptiGirl YES that is exactly how you do it!  Look in this month’s "oxygen" mag that's where I got the idea.  I am a tiny bit sore today, but not like when I do regular dead lifts ... I think it will just take some practice.  Regular dead lifts took me FOREVER to learn correctly!  The one leg dead lift requires TONS of balance and I had to do them VERY slow.  If you give them a try let me know how it goes!

  • Do NOT do HIIT during active rest; that is the type of thing you need a break from.  You have been working your body so hard the past 12 weeks, you need some downtime.  If you do cardio, make sure it is slower pace than what you do when in a challenge.  Also, if you lift, lift lighter.  You should stay active, but don't work your body too hard or it will be too tired to perform for you when you start back up on your regular routine.

    Opti:  Good luck with those one leg deadlifs.  You should try single leg squats if you haven't yet.  They will have you hurting tomorrow.

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  • Hi 1fitmama,

    After completing my first challenge at the end of December, 2010, I took two weeks of active rest during which time I did 60 min of moderate cardio 6 days a week.  It was tough to do this at first because I felt like I wasn't challenging myself, but the length of each workout was long enough that I felt good about it.  When I started back in the middle of January with the BFL routine, I couldn't believe how strong I felt on both the HIT cardio and weights.  The active rest really made a difference and I would encourage you to take the time away from lifting and intense cardio.  Do something more moderate and longer (if you want to) and I think you will find it was worth it once you start back up with BFL.  The body really does respond well to rest, provided you continue to take care of things like nutrition, sleep, etc.

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  • Thanks for the advice everyone!!  I think I am just doing to stick with exercises that focus on my body weight as resistance like I said above ... Push-up, pull-ups, bench dips, etc and then try some new moves with light weights.  I will also to a steady pace cardio instead of HIIT!

    I really wish I would have thought about "active rest" more before it actually got here, but it is hard to think about what you are going to do "after" when you are just so focused on finishing!


  • k, I tried the one-leg deadlift!  I had to use light weights 'cuz I really wanted the focus to be on my balance.  I unfortunately didn't have a mirror next to me.  They were fun and next time I will do it next to one of those full mirrors at the gym.  I lost my balance several times but each time I would start over and not count the messed-up one as a rep.  I don't know if I felt it in a "deadlift" kinda way.  But I felt both legs working in different ways.  

    I love balance exercises!  I love doing ham exercises using a stability ball, leg raises, that kind of thing using balance.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  • I'll be taking BDMom's advice and not do HIIT... After this week of being exhausted I think is not clever to do HIIT while active resting...

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