EAS Push? How much and when?

  • So I'm four weeks in and I've been using the "lean & strong" pack from the website.  It has both Push and Armor and I'm a little confused on how much Push to take. I guess my main problem is that it seems to have a ton of carbs (sugar - 33g?) and I'm a little hesitant to use it in combination with a meal after a workout or later in the day (it says to use up to twice a day?) I feel like I'm doubling up the carbs if I do. Should I take it right before a workout and not worry about it? Anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, being a creatine supplement, do I need to cycle on and off this stuff? What's considered a cycle?

  • When I was in my prior Challenge 1 end of last year,  I was using the Push twice a day as well as the Armor.  I would say that I benefited from using the Push just before the workout as a minimum and using the Armor twice to help with recovery efforts afterwards seemed to help as well. Hope this helps out some.