Very Bad Bruising

  • Hi Everyone!

    Since starting my first challenge almost 9 weeks ago, I have incurred some really terrible bruising up and down my legs.  I don't have them anywhere else but they are constantly black and blue.

    Now, I've always been a bit accident prone, so to have the odd bruise is nothing new... but since my first DAY on BFL I have had more than the average and I have been recording every knock and bump so I know where they are all coming from.  I have 17 bruises on my legs.  I counted them, they are all at varying stages of healing but apart from bashing my knee under my desk two days ago I have not had an accident or hurt myself.

    They do not hurt but they are so ugly.  Is anyone else experiencing bruising?  I have read it has something to do with losing body fat, but seriously, 17 bruises!!!  Its not discouraging me from completing the challenge at all, but I can't wear skirts and show off my new pins!

    Can anyone relate to this?



  • Are you taking a multivitamin? I find this helps me. For me I think it has to do with needing the iron as my iron levels are a tad low at times (according to bloodwork from  Dr's office)

  • Jules,

    Congrats on your BFL progress! Keep up the good work.

    The bruising you have desciribed does not seem normal for someone your age. This type of bruising is typically a sign of an underlying cause. It may be as simple as a vitamin deficiency. It may be due to a medication. Aspirin as well as other blood thinners can cause bruising. There could also be something else going on.

    If the bruising continues, you should see your doctor.

    Good luck.


  • Thanks Chiz - I have read a bit on other forums that female bodybuilders can get bruising.  I'm not on meds so can't put it down to that....There seems to be no other explanation offered other than the BF% decreasing and lessening the "cushion", but seeing as I have done a complete diet overhaul maybe I'm deficient in some vitamins and minerals....

    Thanks Marathonmama - I look like I have been run over some days!  I will definitely try and incorporate some vitamins. I actually started taking a multi vitamin, cod liver oil and vitamin C at the start of my challenge but most days I forget to take them!  I will try to stick to taking them for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference.

    Jules x

  • Jules... what is "very bad"? Is it huge splotches or small bruises? Either way, bruising should DEFINITELY be checked out by your doctor. Please get it checked as soon as possible.

  • Thanks ayummymommy, they vary in size and placement on my legs.  I'm going to see my occupational health nurse this week at work rather than wait 2 weeks for a doctors appointment.  I'm hoping its a vitamin deficiency that I can rectify.  The nurse is really great and she can refer me to a specialist who will see me straight away if needs be.

  • Jules - I too have some burses on my upper legs and my arms around my wrists and forearms ... I know exactly what mine are from.  For me it is being careless with the free weights I am using and I bump and bang them into myself ... oops!!  Lol are you doing this too??  If not and if you are at all worried just make an apt with your doctor!  Hugs!