Changing workout everytime?

  • Hi Everyone. This is my first challenge and I am 30 days in.  I have been changing my UBWO and LBWO everytime I go to the gym. Because of that I am having trouble figuring out what amount of weight is the right amount of weight to get results. I feel like I am losing some steam because I am not getting the results that I think that I should be getting. I am sore most days following the gym, although my UB hasnt been the last 2 times. I am wondering if people are changing their workouts everytime or just sticking with the same ones everytime and then changing them up after a while? Thank you so much to anyone that can shed some light on whats getting them results!



  • Hi Lunargirl33,

    I am now 33 days in and have "shrunk" quite a bit.  No muscles popping just yet, but I still have 7 weeks to go :)

    I have tended to stick to the same series of exercises over the last month so that I can train myself to lift heavier.  I am only now about to change up my routine because its taken this long for me to get stronger and although I feel sore doing my workouts, I don't get DOMS the next day (not that thats an indication you've done a good workout!).

    I would suggest you spend the next 3 - 4 week concentrating on the same exercises, with the ambition to lift heavier and master the performance of each set.  Once you have done that, move on to another set of exercises.  Remember, you cannot measure your progress by how you look alone, but how strong you are getting too.

    See you at the finish line!  I'll be cheering you on!

    Jules x

  • Stick to the same workouts and try to top your last workout each time you're in the gym.  Plan your workout ahead of time and write down your weight for each set.  You have the "right weight" when you can barely finish your last rep.

    12 weeks isn't that long for your body to plateau and need to mix things up significantly.  Muscle is built by breaking down and rebuilding.  You don't need to "confuse" your muscles by changing the workout every time, you just need to go as heavy and hard as you can.

    Matthew McClelland

    2010 Grand Master Champion

  • lunagirl,

    I am a pilot and am always fighting your battle. Rarely am I in the same place with the same machines, space, weights, or measurements (kgs). Sometimes I have to do a body weight type workout. When I am at home I tend to gravitate to the same exercises. I think it is important to get the workout in and concentrate on the intensity no matter the exercise.

  • I think you are best sticking to the workouts that you do at every session and when you feel strong enough to each one at a higher level or weight then do so. Thats what I'm planning on doing on my UB & LB workouts.

  • Most people who do BFL stick with the same exercises for 3-4 weeks then switch them up to "shock" the body into doing something else. Make sure you are writing down your weights that you use for each exercise and when you feel that you can go up in wt on an exercise, do that...That is when you are getting stronger and building muscle.

    Do you have the original book? If not, I would highly recommend it as it has everything you need in order to be successful for this program! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I don't change the exercises each time because I want to make sure I know the right weights to use and to be able to chart my progress; however,  I do change the order of my exercises each time.  For example, week 1 my UBWO would be dumbell bench/flyes, bent-over raises/seated dumbell press, dumbell pullovers/one-arm dumbell row, lying dumbell extensions/dumbell extensions, and last hammer curls/incline dumbell curls, in that order.  The next time I work out my UB, I start with the bent-over raises and end with the dumbell bench press/flyes.  The next time, I start with dumbell pullovers, and so on.

    It seems to help me, in that I can increase the weights on the exercises I do at the beginning of each rotation so each part of my UB gets that extra weight at some point through the rotation.  I do the same on the LB.  I then change the exercises completely every 4-5 weeks.

    I'm not an expert --- I'm just saying what I do and it does seem to help me :)  I'd be interested to see what the longer-term BFLifers have to say.

  • Lunargirl

    This is my second challenge.  I keep to the same exercises for 4 weeks but do the same as adamschaub and mix the order of them up exactly the same way he does.  At the end of the 4 weeks I change the exercises and start again.

    it really helped me doing this on my first challenge and on my second (current) one also.  It works for me as it really challenged my muscles.

    i certainly would not change my exercises every session I would never know where I was, as you say you do not know what weight you should be doing and it would be difficult to improve on the weight using.  However if it works for you thats fine, I know that it wouldnt for me as I like a benchmark to work with each time I am in the gym.

    I am just coming up to 30 days in on my 2nd challenge to, keep it going.