Who works out at home?

  • Hey everyone!


    I was just wondering if anyone works out at home and not the gym? Can you get the same results? I have 15 pound dumbbells and 10 pound dumbbells, a stability ball, some resistance bands and that's pretty much it... I did my upper body workout on Tuesday and it went pretty well since I was sore yesterday! I do belong to the gym, but it's wayy too snowy out right now!

    Any ideas of what I can do for leg day?? What do you guys do? Please help :)

  • I bought a cardio machine for those rainy days. We also bought a home gym where we could do most exercises, it was pretty cheap only $199 BUT if you decide to purchase a home gym, make sure they build it for you it was pain to put it together, worth paying for assembly.

  • I have a Bowflex home gym, Schwinn stationary bike, stability ball, adjustable bench (flat/incline/decline), dumbbells (range 5 - 30 lbs) and medicine balls (4 - 10 lbs) . I felt it worked well for me.

    For legs, there are some in the book like lunges, dumbbell squats, a few utililzing the stability ball. I don't use the resistance bands but i'm guessing you can find some example leg exercises online.

  • Walking lunges if you step out really wide it works hamstrings, dumbbell squats works your quads and standing db calf raises should have you pretty covered. Here is a link that I've referred to many times in the past.  Great reference tool for form and a variety of db exercises.  It's not where you do it that matters as long as you get it done!


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  • I work at home and have had great results. I have a treadmill for my cardio. I also have free-weights...3lbs. to 12 lbs. Actually, we have a very good set that goes up to way more weight that I could ever do...lol...but that I am going up to the 12 currently. Don't use the 3's so much anymore. I also have a balance ball. I go by the exercises that are in the Champions book. Oh, I also use the 2x4 that we have in our sliding glass door for support doing squats...lol


  • Will also add, it is much easier to go from the couch to the room next door in the house to work out.... and in the privacy of your home. At the gym I used to have girls check me out the whole time, made me feel uncomfortable ;)

  • I work out at home and lower half was a challange......for quads you can do ball squats(against the wall) for hamstrings you can deadman lifts.....WOW was I sore the next day for these.  Also if you lie on your back have your legs at a 90' on the couch or coffee table, lift your butt in the air and squeeze your hamstrings you will feel those as well.  Hope this helps  :)

  • I have a sole elliptical machine and a body solid home gym (forget which models)  I went with a ellip that would take my weight as opposed to a super cheap one.   We also have a treadmill, but it's not a real good one, and I personally dont use treadmills.   I just dont like them.  I also will sometimes play wii fit 'for fun' not as a real workout, though parts of it you could use as a real one.  

    I do want to get a plain ole bench and dumbells soon