Weight Training - confused about # of exercises per day

  • Hey guys -  I am confused about the number of unique diffrerent workouts to do on the weight training day. For example if it is lower body day, do you do all the lower body workouts or just pick a few ? can someone explain or provide how a sample workout looks like ?

    Thanks for the awesome support !

  • Go here: bodyforlife.com/.../weight-training - there is a wealth of information about the weightlifting aspect and an exercise guide you can download.

    For any particular day, you do two exercises per muscle group. On lower body days, that would be quads, hamstrings, calves and abs. The first exercise is done pyramid style for five sets with a minute between sets, followed immediately by one set of the second exercise. Thus, you will have done eight different exercises on lower body day. For upper body it's bicep, tricep, back, shoulder, and chest, for a total of twelve exercises. You can mix and match within any muscle group - in fact it's good to keep switching it up.

    I copied the following from another post I answered, so just sub in lower body exercises:

    For instance, let's look at chest on upper body day; you might choose bench press for the first exercise and pec fly for the second. The weights here are just for example purposes, and will vary by person. But let's say you do 12 reps at 20 pounds, wait one minute, 10 reps at 25 pounds, wait one minute, 8 reps at 30 pounds, wait one minute, 6 reps at 35 pounds, wait one minute, 12 reps at 30 pounds, go immediately to pec fly and do 12 reps at 30 pounds. Wait two minutes and start the next muscle group.

    Hope that helps.

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  • i must be really dumb, i really cant follow this... :((

  • You are NOT dumb. It's complicated until you get the hang of it. Let's stick with lower body and say you are doing quads. Pick two exercises for that muscle group, say leg press for the first and leg extension for the second.

    These weights are hypothetical - yours may be higher or lower.

    Start with leg press.

    Set 1: 12 reps at 35 pounds, wait one minute

    Set 2: 10 reps at 40 pounds, wait one minute

    Set 3: 8 reps at 45 pounds, wait one minute

    Set 4: 6 reps at 50 pounds, wait one minute

    Set 5: 12 reps at 45 pounds

    Go immediately to leg extension

    Set 1: 12 reps at 40 pounds

    Wait two minutes before starting the first exercise of the next muscle group.

    Hope that helps. Do you have the BFL book? If not, see if your local library has a copy or buy a cheap used copy from amazon.com. It has instructions and pictures of how to do various exercises.

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  • thanks much saralynn !

    so which means you train one exercise per muscle group but vary the weights and do the sets.

    yes i have the BFL, i need to re-read it again.

    does anyone have a plan that they follow, that they can post here that i can use?

  • When I first started out I took little slips of paper to the gym with me with the exercises I planned to do and kept track of the different weights on them. After a while I got used to which exercises were for which muscle groups and can now pretty much do it from memory.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • I am pretty confused too and feel pretty dumb. This was helpful. Thanks ladies!

  • On this site there is a secton called library, and under that one called tools.  They have reports you can download and print, that give you a sheet and on that sheet you write in your planned workout and then your actual workout.  I have a notebook that I have everything to do with bfl in it including my workouts, and I have that sitting with me in the gym.  That way I don't have to depend on my memory on what my next muscle group was suppose to be or what weight I was suppose to use.  Its all there in front of me and I can't cheat due to not remembering.  I even use it on the cardio portions, because if left to my own devices I would probably do less than the plan.  I have got a few looks in the gym from my notebook, but i have got a number of good comments on people saying how prepared and organized I am.  

    I found it really helped me understand just what I was suppose to do every minute in the gym.