HIIT Training

  • I currently do my 20 mins HIIT training on the treadmill. I start with 2 mins on level 9, then 10,11,12,13 four times and am increasing my 19th minute each time I train. Would I be better changing my first 2 mins to level 10, then 11,12,13,14 and reducing my 19th minute as at he moment i'm almost doing a flat out sprint!

    Any help would be really appreciated,


  • Hi Mark, could you explain what you mean by level 9, level 10, etc. Does that translate to a certain speed? Minute 19 should be your fastest, then minute 20 is a cool-down. You can add additional cool-down minutes if it suits you. I do an extra 5.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Hi Saralynn, thanks for your reply, let my clarify myself!! Level 9 etc is refering to 9km/hour on the treadmill, ie the speed. Here is what I currently do:

    Min 1 - 9 (refers to the speed on the treadmill in km/hour)

    Min 2 - 9

    Min 3 - 10

    Min 4 - 11

    Min 5 - 12

    Min 6 - 13

    Min 7 - 10

    Min 8 - 11

    Min 9 - 12

    Min 10 - 13

    Min 11 - 10

    Min 12 - 11

    Min 13 - 12

    Min 14 - 13

    Min 15 - 10

    Min 16 - 11

    Min 17 - 12

    Min 18 - 13

    Min 19 - 16

    Min 20 - 9

    Where I am increasing minute 19 each time, would I be better in increasing minutes 1-18 or is it best just to be flat out for that 19th minute and keep increasing that?

    Many Thanks,


  • Thanks Mark. I suggest you try a combination. Increase minute 19 for a couple of workouts, then increase minutes 3-18 and see how you do. Make sure you leave minutes 1-2 at a warm-up level.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Mark,

    My goal is this: At the start of the 19th minute I should have nothing left, I should feel like quitting, like I just cant go on. We are all capable of more than we think and we need to push ourselves further and smash preconceived limitations of what we can do.

    I would suggest running faster throughout your intervals and thus wear yourself out by the end of the 18th minute. Then, for a true 10, you are not running with your legs but with sheer deternimation and will and the power of your mind.

    Just out of curisoity, how far do you run in 20 min? Those mph intervals are really fast!  You must be flying!


  • I was wondering about that too, Orrin, but it's KPH for Mark.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • I wish those times were in MPH, unfortunately the machines in my gym are in kg's & km! I currently run with what I listed above 3.76km which equates to 2.3 miles.

    I'm going to up the anti tomoroow morning, go to the gym as soon as I get up on an empty stomach and go for it!

    I'll leave minutes 1&2 the same then minutes 3-18 all up by 1 level and see how I feel after 18 minutes and see what happens for minute 19, hopefully it'll be 1 level up from the 18th minute. The way i've been doing it at the moment i'm done in by the end of the 19th minute, I think I need to feel like this at the end of the 18th minute then give it my all for 1 more minute!!

    Thank you for all your help!

    Just out of curiousity how far do you both run in 20 mins?


  • Mark,

    Still in kms you are running fast!

    Right now the physiotherapist wont let me on a treadmill. I may have a small tear in my meniscus. Not fun. I usually run 2.6 - 2.7 miles in 20 minutes. For me that is fast. After reading the champions Body-for-Life book and Champion Mark Unger running 3 miles in under 20 minutes I thought it would be a good goal for me. So far my record is only 2.77. 3 miles in 20 minutes is a long way!

    I hope I made sense about the 19th minute. It is all about surpassing your percieved limitations. I keep this saying in mind when I am at the gym:

    Maximum intensity occurs AFTER percieved failure


  • Well I did it this morning, upped everything except the 1st 2 minutes by a level on the teadmill & I was shattered by the end of the 18th minute! I upped it 2 levels for minute 19 and felt physically sick while cooling down on minute 20! I was really chuffed, it just proved  could do more but is it right to feel sick??!!

    I ended up running 2.5 miles which smashed my previous best of 2.3 miles!

    Thanks for your encouragement on here. Lower body tomorrow then another go on the HIIT on Saturday morning.

    Keep up the hard work,


  • I usually feel a little queasy after cardio, but not quite all the way to nauseated.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Mark,

    Nice run! Great work! I have felt queasy, but like saralynn said, not really sick. Not sure exactly why that would be. I run on an empty stomach but I do have 2 or 3 glasses of water. I have felt ill when I have run without water first. I have also felt a little ill when I run hard and forget to keep breathing deeply. Not sure and  am not a doctor or Personal Trainer so I dont want to give medical advice but you definately want to be careful and listen to your body especially if you are feeling sick.

    Still 2.5 is a great run! We are capable of so much more! When I think of Champion Mark Unger running 3 miles in less than 20 minutes I am astounded!

    Keep up the great work!


  • Mark,

    Wow, I am very impressed at how great you are doing.  Glad to read your pushing has helped you and you are sticking to the Rx cardio workout.  I am in the end of week three and can only get in a mile and a tenth in my 20 minutes, so you are now my idol.  So next time you do your cardio, you might want to look behind you as you will see me way back there trying to catch you.  

  • Hi Mark - First of all - let me say I'm like the others and am impressed with 2.5mi in 20 min!  

    I'm so very new to this and am in no way able to offer you expert advice, but I've been wondering myself how to continually increase your intensity without having smoke coming from under your shoes.  Just wondering, though:  if you didn't want to wind up in an all-out sprint, could you increase the intensity by leaving the speed the same and increasing the incline?  Would that work, I wonder?

    My only real input is that i wanted to puke my last aerobic day, also - LOL!    I felt like I had hit my first real "10" though, because beforehand I felt I always pushed hard and had a great workout, but questioned myself if I could've done more.  I keep remembering the sentence in the book that says if Bill Phillips were standing there cheering you on, would you be able to do any more - and if your answer is "no", then you hit a 10.  By the end of the 19th minute I had to reach within and tell myself I could do ANYTHING for 60 little seconds.   I have done all my HIIT so far on the elliptical with the resistance cranked up.  Am going to try treadmill next.

  • Mark,

    This morning I hit the treadmill and I kept thinking, I have to catch Mark.  I did a personal best and upped my speeds more than I had even planned.  Now I am only still getting 1.36 miles in, but I am gaining on you.  Thanks for the inspiration.

  • heehee! watch out for firesong! way to go, girl!