Question about Reload and Calorie Burn

  • I have a question about taking the ProScience Reload. I wake up at 5am and work out on an empty stomach to get the "fasted state" affect. I take Reload right before and right after my workout everyday so that I have an energy boost when I wake up and then to help aid muscle recovery after. I then wait about an hour and have breakfast which is normally a whole wheat english muffin and some peanut butter or nonfat yogurt and a protein shake.

     My only concern is if taking the Reload before and after the workout affects the fasted state theory in the sense that since I have something in my stomach before I work out does it burn through that before it burns through fat? Or does that only apply to actual food?

    Also would taking the Reload right after my workout interrupt the high calorie burn occuring after a HIIT routine? Would my overall calorie burn be higher if I only take the Reload 30min/an hour after my workout and then two more times throughout the day?

  • MAC387,

    The best thing to do is give the staff at the EAS 1-800 number a call. They will be able to give you the best advice regarding supplements.

    What I do is this: On weight training days I take supplements before I work out and with my post workout meal which is a myoplex deluxe shake in water within a half an hour of completing my work out. On cardio days I only have water before I run. After HIIT I wait one full hour then have a shake with the supplements blended in. The remaining supplements are spread out throughout the day. I am not sure if that is the best way but it has been working for me.

    All the best