HIIT Treadmill running routine??

  • I love running on the treadmill, my highest point is at 9 now, I remember not even being able to get to 6, and 5 was hard.

    I love the feeling afterwards, heart beating so fast, I love it, jump in the shower and I feel great, my dog however decided to jump on as I was running a few days ago...he usually stores his toys on it...and ran right off the end, had to laugh, he was okay and I kept going huffing and puffing asking him if he was ok...:)

  • BDMom...you are such a great inspiration! You're like a good friend! Thanks!

  • This is my heartrate chart from my HIIT treadmill workout yesterday.   Just wondering what you guys think -- looks to me like I'm not allowing for much recovery.   I think it's clear I hit my '10' since my max heartrate was 196.

  • wow nice work tim and everyone on here I been getting into the treadmill too  I recently started incorporating inclines just setting it to random and continuing with my speeds as if it the treadmill was level it was funny yesterday i did it and somehow the treadmill knew when my intensity had to go up cause everytime i was at my level 8 or 9 intensity the incline would be at it's highest.. was a real gasser lol my heart rate was at about 158-162 bpm towards the end.. great workout indeed

  • I'm shaking my head in amazement at the MPH you guys are hitting!  I've never been a runner, and I'm only 5'3.  Right now, my 20th minute is 6.5 MPH and it kills me!  That's my current 10 and my little legs are chucking away at it.

    I do four 5-minute sets (no incline yet), the first two minutes of each being a good paced walk.  One of my goals is to get to all running but right now, I really seem to need those first two minutes (3MPH and 3.5MPH) of each set to recover and get ready for the last three minutes of running.  I'll probably start to incorporate an incline before I really go to all running.

    8 or 9 MPH would send me flying off my treadmill, hahaha!

  • SuzanneMarie, I think BDMom said it best, everyones ten is their own.  Some people are built for speed and running, others aren't. I am the same as you for height, and all we can do is our best. It sounds like you are doing real well.  You just keep focusing on yourself. You are doing great.

  • Hi Tim,

    I have the same issues with my HR, and not sure if it's good or bad.  If I stay at the "recommended" 60-80% of max on all the decals at the club, I'm not even breathing hard.  Work hard, it goes high like yours, not sure if this is good, bad or just "is"?  

    I do my HIIT based on how I feel instead of hearrate, and my heartrate is from 150-180 for most my intervals, and will go to 195-200 for my 19th minuted.  I usually drop my first couple minutes of each cycle to get the HR back down to 150 or so before climbing again.  

    Maybe try a wider range of speeds to get your heartrate back down before spiking again, to get more of an interval effect?  You are obviously hitting a "10" minute 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

    For whatever it's worth, this is what I do for speeds, I'm 5'4" and run at 1% incline usually:

    Min 1 & 2:  3.5mph

    Cycles:       4.0 (sometimes 3.5 if heartrate hasn't dropped back down to abt 150)




    Minute 19:  8.5

    Good luck!


  • Thanks for the thoughts, Tina.   My problem with the treadmill is the time it takes for the treadmill to adjust speed.   If you change too much it could take 10-15 seconds to get up to speed and by then the minute is 1/4 over!   I guess if you build that time in -- so start every change 10-15 seconds before the start of each minute, that would help.   I'm looking forward to the summer months when I can do this kind of workout outside.