HIIT Treadmill running routine??

  • Wow Laurie.  You're a gazelle. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Way to go TimF!  There is nothing like those endorphins that running gives!  Thanks Jessica - I finally built up the courage to run on Sunday and my foot did great!  So feeling pumped.  I have missed running but doubt I will ever run for hours again.  I think I will stick with HIIT!  It is crazy  hard!


  • I also experience some joint issues at high speeds.  I  use the incline function to increase intensity, but I also increase intensity levels by using my arms.  I beat on an imaginary punching bag above head level as fast as I can, and that increases the cardiovascular effort without making any new adjustments to the treadmill settings.  Usually I keep about the same speed and incline between intensity level 6 and 7, just add in the punching to increase the intensity.  Another added benefit is that I can feel it working my core muscles because extra balance is required.  

  • TimF

     I can run for an hour on the treadmill at a constatnt speed -- by the time I get out of the shower and changed I've stopped sweating but with this workout, I was back at my desk drinking my morning shake and was still sweating like a mad man.   Amazing...

    Great thread! & good input.

    Cue this for the Thursday HIIT..

    Thx, Forum-ers! :)


  • Remember...We are always striving toward the next 'high point' in our session. However you are comfortable with gradually increasing your speed to hit that level 9 x 3 times then go nuts for a level 10 for final (fourth) time is going to give you optimal results on a consistent basis. If you are trying to rur/glide a little faster or increase tension each session, you are on your way to a wonderful shirtless summer.

  • I love the Treadmill and really look forward to my Cardio. This is what I do;

    2 mins warm up at  -  6 mph

    level 6                          6.5

    level 7                          7

    level 8                          8

    level 9                          8.5

    then as well all know i repeat the 6 - 9 levels another 3 times only I raise the incline 1.5% every cycle so on the final cycle I am running at 4.5% incline then:

    Level 10                       9.5 mph and raise the incline to 5% and feel my heart about to explode!!

    until i added the inclines i was not hitting my true 10.

    I also have to have a seriously good playlist on my ipod to get through it, music motivates me with cardio.

  • I followed the treadmill routine to a T as shown on the BFL pack download.. intense 20mins! now i have come away with a torn calf muscle! can barely walk, i'm just limping around with a lot of popping & clicking. Great information BFL! not

  • MurkinPair...I am so sorry that you have been injured! I hope that it all turns out ok and you heal quickly!

    To the rest of the folks on this thread...jeesh! I feel like I've been sitting on the couch after reading what you all are doing! I am not a runner...but I love my treadmill. I mostly walk, and add a run for my 9 and 10. Now I must say that I do have a persistent injury...I saw someone say Hip Flexor? Is that right at the bottom of the butt? That is where I have the most problem, not to mention having 3 children~lol! I also have asthma and damage from pneumonia and bronchitis too many times, so my lungs start complaining when I do this workout.

    Here's what I do:

    min. 1 & 2  2.0

             3        2.5

             4        3.0

             5        3.5

             6        4.7 (run)

             7        2.5

             8        3.0

             9        3.5

             10      4.7 (run)

             11      2.5

             12      3.0

             13      3.5

             14      4.7 (run)

             15      2.5

             16      3.0

             17      3.5

             18      4.7 (run)

             19      5.5 (run)

             20      2.0

             21      2.0

    When I am done I am sweating and breathing hard. I feel like I've had a great workout, and my body lets me know all day by calling out for food! LOL

    I'd appreciate any feedback on this workout...



  • I posted this on the other thead that you posted on MurkinPar so I'm posting here as well.

    Be sure to stretch either before or after you do your exercises (or both).  I always stretch.  I personally can’t handle the treadmill that well.  I didn’t have knee issues until I got on that thing.  I still get on it but not every cardio day.  I much prefer the elliptical because it is low-pact yet gives a great cardio workout.  I used the elliptical through most of my challenges and did fine.  I ended up pulling a muscle or something when I tried to use the treadmill more than the elliptical.  I wasn’t able to do leg exercises for weeks.  You do not have to use only the treadmill. Try the elliptical or the stationary bike.  Here’s an article that compares the treadmill to the elliptical http://exercise.about.com/cs/exercisegear/a/treadelliptical.htm.


    As for how to do the intervals here’s a video clip that explains it.  This can be done on any cardio equipment, not just on the treadmill.  I hope you heal soon.  By the way, I am not a certified expert, just sharing what works for me. :-)


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Leggs- I think your routine looks great since you are feeling you have hit  your 10!   Sharon- I would love to hear your ellipitcal routine!  Do you up your resistance or your speed on the elliptical?


  • Thanks Laurie!

    I did up my speed this morning...I ran 5.5 for my 9 on the third and fourth set, and 6.0 (never did a 6 before) for my 10! I believe I hit a true 10 this morning...I could barely feel my body, all I could focus on were the seconds going by, and had no time to think 'when is this going to be done?'. It was all mental, and it felt great! And when I was done I felt great...not hacking and feeling like I was going to 'die'!


  • Laurie - I do both but I don't change the level of the incline (not all ellipticals have that option).  The type of elliptical I'm using is listed on the chart.  You can find my routine here http://bodyforlife.com/community/boards/bfl/f/16/p/1521/18392.aspx#18392.  I just recently went back to the elliptical after being on a stepmill (aka stairmill) and treadmill.  I'm following the chart that has the incline at 12.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Here's mine.  

    1 5.0

    2 5.5

    3 6.0

    4 6.5

    5 7.0

    6 5.5

    7 6.0

    8 6.5

    9 7.0

    10 7.5

    11 6.0

    12 6.5

    13 7.0

    14 7.5

    15 8.0

    16 6.5

    17 7.0

    18 7.5

    19 8.0

    20. 8.5

    Love it. Great work out and a slow increase all the way through.

  • Leggs- way to up your speed!  Way to challenge yourself.  Feels good huh!

    Jerry- Nice HIIT- keep it up!

    Sharon- thanks for posting that link!  That thread had some great info on it about  the elliptical.  I am going to try your routine.  I have been keeping my speed the same and changing the resistance.  Going to lower the resistance and up my speed and see the difference!  


  • Leggs:  Remember  your 10 is your 10, and nobody else's!!!  You push yourself and don't compare to anyone else..you are doing great.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"