Muscle Soreness Gone??????

  • I have a quick question for all those who have completed challenges in the past...

    The first couple weeks after working out, my muscles would be so sore I could hardly function.  However, now even after an intense workout, where I hit my 10's will full force, I have very little muscle soreness, if any.  Could this just be because my muscles are used to working out already or am I just not pushing myself hard enough anymore?


    Please advise.....


  • Ken1st,

    Muscle soreness does go away after awhile. I know, you get to miss it and wonder if you are working out hard enough. What you can do, and this is a good idea anyway not just to feel so blissfully sore again, is switch up the exercies you do. Not only does this help hit your muscles from different angles but it keeps you uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone. It isn't a good thing to be in comfortable rut in your work out routine. Mix it up, keep your muscles guessing and keep pushing yourself further.

    For example I was doing a lot of dumbell bench presses flat, incline and delcline. But I didn't like flys. I forced myself to incorperate flys and not only did I feel sore agin I gained strength and definition. Same with legs. I was doing a lot of leg extentions and using the squat machine. I started doing some squats in the smith machine and using the leg press and oh boy stairs were difficult again for a few days.

    Just a thought

    hope this helps

    All the best with your challenge