Traps vs. Deltoids vs. Back

  • Under the BFL program, should exercises for the traps fall under "shoulders" or "back" routine.  I know that the trapezius (sp?) muscle consists of the traps and lats (I believe), but I don't think my workout puts much emphasis on the traps at all.  BTW,  my shoulder routine consists of DB shoulder presses and DB forward shoulder raises, and my back routine consists of lat pulldowns and seated cable rows.  Are their any suggestions on what and where I should put in a routine for the traps during the upper body workout?  Thank you all in advance.  BTW, this is my first post.  

  • Vanderbucks,

    I have been doing shrugs for my traps during the rest minute of my shoulder portion of the upper body work out.  So basically it looks like this:

    Dumbell Press x 12


    Dumbell Press x10


    Db Press x8

    Shrugs x8

    etc etc

    You get the idea.

    I also found I haven't been doing enough for my lower back  so I have been working in sets of hyper extensions in the rest min of my back routine.

    The rest min is to rest the main muscle you are working, doesn't mean you have to just stand around. I also find working in sets like this really keeps me sweating and gives me a great workout.

  • I tried exactly what you said in my upper body routine today. Awesome!!!  I really appreciate your input. Thank very much. - VB

  • Thanks for the great response, I'll be incorporating different musles into my routine now as well!