Tired muscles same as HIgh point?

  • I am 34 y old female who has very little upper body strength. As I lift my upper body weights it feels like my muscles tire out and literally give out and I can't do more. But 30 sec later I could do the same and will tire out at the same spot.  I don't think that is hitting a 10, but how do I hit a 10 if I can't do any more (with correct form)?  I have read that once I do all I can with say 20 lbs weights, drop down to 15 and do all I can, then 10, etc. Should I try this even though it isn't BFL?  Is there any advice for me?  I am on wk 9 and have seen some growth, but really I am not lifting that much more than I began with.  I also lift alone with free weights. I know sometimes I worry b/c I don't have a spotter and I don't want to get injured if I drop it.



  • Sheri,

    First of all week 9!!! Congratulations!! That is great!

    Where are you tiring out? During the High point sets of 12 then 12? At what rep? If it is very early on, say the fourth rep, then yes you have too much weight. If that is the case during your next workout you would need start with a lighter weight, even if that means using 1 lb. That is the beauty of BFL , it is fully adapatable for everyone no matter where they are. Are you keeping a journal and recording your workouts? This helps you quickly adjust your weights for your next workout. If you post some of your routines I would be happy to help you out a little more specifically.

    I hope this helps

    All the best


  • Remember you are only hitting a 10 one time for each muscle group.  If you are not able to finish your repetitions during your sets of 12,10,8,6,12 then you need to decrease your weight.  When you change your exercise and do your final set of 12...it should extremely difficult to get your 12 repetitions in.  If you do not get your 12 repetitions dont worry about it...leave it at that.  Don't decrease your weight to get the twelve reps...just make it your goal the next time around to get those 12 reps. Remember, just record your workouts and try to beat yourself each time.