Why only one-minute cooldown?

  • Just about every aspect of BFL seems to be carefully planned out and explained, but even after reading the 20-Minute Aerobics Solution section of the book, the workout documents in the Library tab on this website and the Q/A, I haven't found the answer to this question: Why after the minute of Level 10 effort is there only one minute of cool-down? Is it to keep the session at 20 minutes, or maybe to keep the body burning fat more efficiently? It seems like an abrupt stop.

    Thanks, Sara

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  • Sara,

    You can do more than one minute ... I think most do.  I read in one of the books that it just wouldn't have the same "ring" to it if it was called the 24 minute cardio solution.

    For me, I do 5 minutes of warmup then follow the 20 minute plan then do 5 minutes cool down.  That gives me 30 minutes of cardio, but only 20 of the "true" BFL method.  Seems to work for me.

  • I follow the BFL plan by the book. Personally after my 19th minute I barely have enough strength to make it that last minute. If I still have energy after 20 minutes then I didn't run hard enough and didn't truly hit a 10. The only exception I make is for my left knee and calf. Sometimes they are quite sore and tight and I slow the tredmill down quite slow and walk backwards for a minute to stretch it out a bit. Other than that it is 20 intense minutes for me.


  • I think there is room for change there as well.  I don't feel that after running that hard, that one minute is long enough to adequetely bring your heartrate down.  After running my high point of 8.3 (right now), I drop the speed to 3.5, and walk for five more minutes.  It is a slow walk, but I feel better than just walking for one minute and then hopping off.  I also monitor my heart rate during/after and get a good gauge of where I need to be before I stop.

    I also warm up for longer as well.....5 minutes on eliptical, stretch & then treadmill....

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  • I use the 2 minute warm up, but usually take 5-7 minutes to cool down.  I have tried stopping after the 1 minute cool down, but I feel like I am about to pass out as soon as I step off the treadmill.

  • I have the whole day to cool down after the workout is done. :D

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  • Saralynn-

    I totally agree with you on this. After spiking my heartrate I need more than one minute for it to go back to normal. I am talking a slow walk. It certainly can't hurt anything to cool down longer than a minute. I do think it has to do with keeping it within the 20 minute guideline.

    If you've ever watched a marathon finish line, the marathon runners keep walking for 10-15 minutes after a race to cool down. If you need the extra cool downtime, listen to your body and take it!

  • In my opinion I think the one minute cool down is just so you get off that stupid treadmill as soon as possible....lol.....seriously though...it will take your body several minutes to cool down after an intense cardio session. After I jump off the treadmill at 20 minutes I always walk around the gym for several minutes until the sweat stops pouring off my face.

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  • Thanks, everyone. I am still tweaking my cardio. I have worked my way up to a level 10 through trial and error, and today also discovered where my danger point for invoking exercise-induced asthma is (fortunately I have advanced warning signs that I heed right away). HIIT is fortunately an excellent cardio choice for me as I cannot tolerate sustained running.

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