Abs Set on Legs days...

  • Yesterday was doing my first Leg day of the program on (day 4 today and loving it)... and at the end I had to do abs... However i was alittle consufed how to do the 12x10x8x6x12x12 routine... unless u are on weight assited ab machines... please help explain...



    thanks in advance...

  • Guy,

    Here is a great post about abs:


    Hope it helps


  • Guy:  Welcome.  I do abs 3x per week on my cardio days.  I don't do it on LBWO day because that would only be one time one week and two the next.  I don't follow the payramid structure for abs.  I pick 4-5 ab exercises and do them as a superset x 3.  So, I would do all the exercises once, and then do them again two more times.  There are a lot of ways to incorporate abs into your workout.  I didn't want to use the pyramid because I don't want to add too much weight, especially to my obliques.

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  • Thanks for the replys... much appreciated