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  • Hey all,

     I am about to possibly start a new challenge. In my first challenge I lost weight, actually around 30lbs. I am a male 35, 6-4 and now 212 lbs. I started another challenge immediately after and I am still sitting around the same place, I am not that fat but have a gut still, although not like it used to be.

    I went to a MaxMuscle when I was in my second challenge and the guy there was like..." BFL is high school stuff... Myoplex is garbage protein dude, you need to take Maxpro and add glutamine and creatine as well"... then he turned me on to Xtend, a during workout drink. The guy is in pretty good shape also. But  he was like, "Your growing out of BFL now"

    Anyway, I think now I'm all screwed up due to mixed opinions etc.. My goal is to finish this gut off and build muscle and continue to build. I will be serious and committed to BFL or whatever I decide on.

    Are there any serious muscle builders here on this forum that can share info on their supplement stacks?  I now use Whey, Glutamine and Creatine and mix some oats to get my carbs up for meal replacements and add some peanut butter. I have 6 meals a day all according to BFL meal plans.

    Is BFL a program for those looking to build muscle after they have cut the weight?

  • cd21, I think that if you asked 100 "serious weight trainers" their opinion, you would get 100 different answers. Body for life is not that different from any other weight routine beyond the frequency of the workouts and bodypart splits. The HIIT Cardio is what everyone is doing now. BFL was lightyears ahead of the rest of the pack. The nutrition is simple and effective. If you look at the stats of many of the finishers, they lost tremendous amounts of fat while adding muscle. Not many serious weightlifters can do that. They have a bulking phase, then cutting phase. You can adjust things to suit what works for you.

    I had some " serious weightlifters" at work that didn't really think BFL was any good and after 4 weeks they have started asking me questions about my routine, diet, etc so it must be working.

    As far as supplements I take BCAA'S always,CLA,  whey protein, and a pre workout supp. I am 6'-4" and 234 currently and am stronger than I have ever been.

    Good luck.

  • cd2- Im not a body builder at all, but when I go to the gym I have guys asking me about my routine. I dont say BFL I just simply tell them the basics of the workout. Many of them ask because how I'm actually bulking up and keeping my arms cut. I would rather have a clean bulk then to bulk for 6months then have to cut for 3 months. I think if you want to get alot bigger I would just increase the weight your pushing.


    I take BCAA, CLA, Armor, Push, Whey and casien proteins.

    "He who gains a victory over other men is strong;
    but he whos gains a victory over himself is strong(er)"

  • I agree this program is very similar to what any pro would recomend. It's all in the nutrition. As Bill says in his book, the best ab workout is in the kitchen. Cut all refined sugars, and as much salt as you can and up your water intake. I can not see how any protine shake had "garbage protine" get your protine, keep your carbs clean, and you will see results.

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  • This thread caught my eye. I admire anyone that can dedicate time to stay clean and get the muscles they intend to through eating/supps and training.

    I agree that whatever choice you make cd21, as long as you stick to IT and not go back and forth with plans you will succeed. Like was said, there are many programs out there and all of them work - it's just a matter of what works for you and your lifestyle/environment.

    I wanted to add too, because I noticed it between myself and MO. She appears to have built up some very good shoulders and has tremendous upper strength. I believe it is because she chose to do pull-ups/push-ups for UB where I did other more neutral and common lifts.

    Having said that - perhaps that is all you need to inquire about. Get yourself some good solid advice on lifts that incorprate as many muscles as possible with each rep. By doing them you will (in my opinion) get faster results.

  • I agree with legs. You should pick moves that trigger secondary muscles as well.  instead of leg presses do Squats and some dead lifts. You should start seeing and feeling muscles that you dont usually work. I also try and do as much body weight works outs I can along with the 12,10,8,6 workout.

    "He who gains a victory over other men is strong;
    but he whos gains a victory over himself is strong(er)"

  • Thanks for the reply everyone,

    I like the diet structure BFL has. I also like waking up at 4:30 and being at the gym by 5:am and getting that out of the way for the day. I do my weight and cardio training on an empty stomach. I have added the use of Xtend during my work outs but only use half the dose since I pound a shake immediately after I am done with weight training.

    I am thinking about proceeding with the BFL nutrition plan accept maybe lower the amount of carbs I eat a little on the off day (HIIT day). It seems that my gut is clinging on for dear life  I got to get rid of this thing.

    I was thinking of also doing a 4 day split on my weight routine, and then afterwards doing like maybe 10 min on the treadmill at a moderate intensity since the weight training will not take as long broken up into 4 days.  Anyone else doing anything like this?

    My supps I think will be, Xtend half dose during work out, Whey, Glutamine, Creatine, ZMA and Casein. And of course a good Multi vitamin.

    I have been doing dead lifts and squats, and some isolated plate machines but I am going back to more DB & BB workouts.

    Thanks again everyone for your input.

  • Hi cd21.

    Sorry for the delay!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.  We think everyone answered pretty well for us, but just to add on in case others have similar questions.  The BFL program is wholistic health and wellness program that has been around 10 years and has been proven to provide results . We do have a combination of products desinged for those looking to build size. Please check out the starter kits on the BFL site as they have a lot of great products for this goal.

    Hope that's helpful.


    The BFL Team

  • Hi CD,

    I have been around gyms and pros for 15 years. The best advice I can give you is not to listen to anyone in a gym giving you advice unless they are willing to train you or train with you. If not, ditch them!

    Many people will love to give advice that works for them without knowing where you are coming from.

    Stick to ONE plan, not many plans.

    In most cases where my friends had problems achieving their goals on BFL, their understanding of BFL was the problem. A friend of mine for example followed the diet to the letter but forgot to take it easy on the wine and alcohol. Dietitians call those "liquid fat" because of their high caloric intake.

    BFL is the best thing I have come across in terms of practicality. Sometimes, the more supplements you buy and the more you hear from people, the more bewildered and unfocused you become.

    Read the book again, and see where you might have escaped some facts.

    Good luck.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • cd21,

    A very good supp that i would recommend is Animal Paks,  

    I have used those in the past with extremely impressive results.


  • So you went into a MaxxMuscle SUPPLEMENT shop and they insulted one supplement company and their workout regimen, so you would buy their own supplements?? Whoa! Who woulda thunk it!!


    Now on a serious note. Everyone wants to sell you on something. They wanna make fun of simple routines, well guess what even IFBB Pro bb'ers on hgh, deca and other anabolics made their size gains from anabolics and from doing basic compound lifts. Deadlifts, squats, rows, bench, shoulder press, etc. Same as BFL teaches.

    Anytime you get someone trying to sell you on something that is groundbreaking, earthshattering news, RUN LIKE THE WIND. And I sure would not do business with someone who puts down another company or product, especially one that has changed thousands of lives for the better.

    Stop buying Xtend.

    Do BFL by the book.

    You don't need pills, powders or any of that crap.

    You need real training. high intensity resistance training and cardio training



    Plenty of rest.

    And any extra activity will just benefit you. Playing a game of basketball, football, taking a walk with your significant other, dog, children. Go to a high school track with a stop watch and run 4 laps, ie 1 mile and once a week go back to the same track and try to beat your previous time.

    Ok I am getting off topic, but forget these people who try to sell you on garbage. You want creatine, eat red meat. Cause that's where it's coming from. You want protein. Eat meat.


    Charlie Wigington

    2011 Body-for-LIFE Champion

  • I read your post again. So you started another challenge immediately! That's a big no no. You should take two weeks of active rest off. Browse the site on active rest and you will be amazed.

    Also, have faith in BFL. Look at the befores and afters of champions.. Very ordinary people like you and I who had no previous fitness education or training. Do these results look like they are high school stuff?

    I showed the book to a personal trainer. She told me the photos were photoshopped and that any such transformation would take two years. I tell you she had a body that spoke volumes of how experienced she was. Then I said to myself, what the heck.. I am doing it let it take two years. Guess what?! It took me 45 days to see impressive results, not even 84.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • you dont need to take active rest. I did BFL for 2 consecutive "challenges" or 6 months and my lifts kept going up, and I get losing body fat. Nowhere in the original BFL book does Bill ever say to "take 2 weeks of active rest."

    Does that mean that you should never take a week off? No. Every 6 months then take a week off, that is an avg guideline across the board.

    If you wanna take 2 weeks off, then by all means do so. But on a Body for Life community board, don't tell people that you should take such and such time off, when not even the author of the book says to do so.