Do evening (cardio) workouts prevent me from burning fat?

  • I apologize for the back to back posts--for some reason BFL has had trouble with my account for the last week, so these questions have been building up and I haven't been able to post them!

     In any schedule doesn't really provide for morning workouts. I know how and why morning cardio is more beneficial. What I DON'T know is if it is the difference between getting results and NOT getting results. If I always do my cardio in the evenings am I destined to not reach my goals??

    Thanks, guys!!

  • No ma'am just remember to try and do it 3 hours after a meal for better results but it's not required.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I started body for life by working out in the mornings. I switched my schedule to afternoons so that i can workout with my wife. I have not seen any bad results from this change. I take a myoplex lite shake an hour before the workout and then a meal an after i finish my workout.

  • Hey there Alison!

    I completed challenge 1 last week. My lifestyle prevents me from morning workouts. On occasion I was able to get a morning cardio in...rarely. I did 97% of my workouts and cardio after 10pm at night. I would structure my meal plan so that I was as fasted as I could get for that event. I would wait 30 minutes after weight training, and 1 hour after cardio to grab a carb control shake or cottage cheese and then a yogurt or apple and eat that before retiring for the evening.

    I felt guilty about that for about the first 1-2 weeks. Accepted that I needed a structured time of the day where LIFE would not get in the way. Stuck to it. Worked for me.

    I do not feel that my results were affected. I HIIT it hard. I do wish I could have done them earlier in the way, but, I did what worked for me.

    My 10 week progress photo is posted on the media gallery. That will give you an idea of what that did for me. I am definitely pleased with the method I used.

    Take away the guilt and do what works for you. You will see amazing results! Git'r dun!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Alison,

    Go look at Renee's pics on  She has her 8 week pics up, and she rocked this challenge.  Can't wait to see the 12 week pics, Renee!!  Awesome job.

    Julie (in VA)

  • count me in with the rest of you who don't do the morning workouts.  i have three enormous dogs and i walk them in the mornings before work.  of course that is sort of a workout in itself.

    i just feel stronger in the evenings.  and am able to focus more on my workouts because i'm not worried about running late for work.



  • I was wondering the same, I can only workout in evenings, at least during work week.  Glad to see it didnt hold anyone back.