Is the BFL wo only training a muscle once a week?

  • I'm new to this so be patient, lol. I'm about to start the BFL plan. After looking at the wo plan, it looks like this is a once a week per muscle training method. Is that right? Or is the indirect training counted? ie biceps during back day.

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  • You will work all upper body parts twice one week, all lower body parts once one week, and then switch up the next week to where you are working lower body twice and upper body once.  You will hit all muscle groups in the upper body when doing your UPWO, and all muscles in the lower body when doing LBWO.  Your muscles need time to repair in between sessions.

    Example:  Week One:  Mon - UBWO, Wed - LBWO, Fri-UBWO

                       Week Two:  Mon-LBWO, Wed - UBWO, Fri-LBWO....and so on....

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  • It's all in the book.  We work various muscles on various days.

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