Need a Solution

  • I'm in my 3rd week & today I performed UB. My problem is with the chest exercises I performed today -

    Incline Dumbell Press  12 @ 8lbs. 10 @ 10lbs. 8 @ 15lbs. 6 @ 20 lbs. 12 @ 15lbs.

    supersetted w/ a

     Barbell Bench Press 12 @ 20lbs.

    The problem is with the first 3 sets (12,10, 8) they felt fairly easy, I was able to use good form, & on top of time but come the 4th rep at 20lbs. I was finding it difficult to use proper form because the weight  feels a little too heavy. I measured my finish at about a 8. I don't know what's going on there. I felt really frustrated but I'm not willing to give up. I'm thinking maybe I was rushing through & not getting a good contraction. I'm considering switching to machines to perform this, allthough machines aren't recommended. What do you guys think & what is a possible solution. I thought about doing pushups but they hurt my wrists. Thanks so much to everyone who takes their time to reply.

  • To me it sounds like you are doing everything right. You don't want to sacrifice form for more weight but it is supposed to be difficult. You want to push yourself and force your muscles to lift more. Here is a personal example: At the start of my second challenge I was curling a 35lb dumbbell for each arm during my set of 6. I wanted to move up to the 40lb. So I went for it. The first time I only did 2 reps. I set them down waited 1 minute then dropped to 30 and did 12 followed by hammer curls at 25 per arm. I made sure I was hiting a 10 and really pushing my muscles to fatigue. The next upper boody I tried again and did 4 and my last upper body day I did 5.

    I struggled for awhile because 35 was too easy and 40 seemed too hard. I just kept pushing and made sure I hit my 9 and 10 during the high point.

    Don't be frustrated. It is not called a challenge by accident. But know You CAN do this!!! Keep going and focus on progress not perfection. You will succeed!!


  • Maybe you could try some two pound wrist weights with the 15s instead of the 20s? Also I don't think there is a problem with using machines. I switch up between machines and free weights (mainly to avoid boredom lol). This is my second challenge, down 20# so far, so I don't think using machines has slowed my progress...

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  • There is nothing wrong with using machines. They do the job for sure. There are just more benefits from using free weights in regards to stabilizer muscles and functional strength.

    Chikitak, I'm surprised your gym doesn't have 2.5lb incriments in the lighter dumb bells. Most places I visited before deciding on the gym I am at had 7.5 12.5 17.5 and 22.5 lb dumb bells.

  • Make sure you're giving yourself the full minute for recovery.  It's not surprising that you run out of strength.  By that set you have already done 24 reps.  Just keep at it.  All is fine.

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  • The week before I used the 17.5 lbs. which I was able to use good form but wasn't feeling the burn & felt like I could do more & I wasn't sore the next day. Thanks.

  • Thanks. Trying to focus on the progress I'm making & not perfection.