Trainer Frustration

  • Hi everyone,

    I went against my better judgement and booked a few appointments with a trainer at my gym to get aquanited with weight training. I wanted help learning the machines and free weights so I could start BFL. Of course he was not familiar with the program and told me that "You can't burn body fat and build muscle at the same time." Huh? Clearly that is not true as many people seem to have positive results with this program.

    Anyone have a similar experience? Did you wind up having to teach yourself the routine, bringing along the book with diagrams to the gym?




  • Seems like most trainers have their own ideas about exercising, which isn't all that odd as they do it for a living. I would just ask the trainer to do what it is you are looking for. You aren't looking for a program but to familiarize yourself with the equipment and proper form for using free weights.

    Then, once you feel comfortable follow the program as laid out in the book.

  • Most trainers think that some people are clueless without actually asking the person how much they know. As a result trainers think their program is the end all be all. I have a degree in Kinesiology and I happen to like the B$L challenge and when some have asked me about nutrition and what to eat I actually refer them to this site or If you have any fitness questions feel free to ask. Best of luck with the program!


  • Jen-it's your money, so I would just ask him for help on using the different machines like what BCbill said. Ask him to show you different lifts for the various body parts and then you should be good to go.

    You can also check out or for demos of exercises.

    If you have an iphone, there's a cool app - iFitness - where I get some of my exercises, it shows the different body parts used and even has a short demo of every exercise.

    Best wishes for your success! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I had a trainer for 9 months over a year ago. He taught me good form and helped me with accountability. I chose to do BFL because it takes the place of a trainer and gives your the structure needed just add effort and POW! you will be fit and full of energy.


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


    Just last week, (i am 1 month into the program) i realized i get 1 free body assessment so i took it and i was chatting and i explained the program, and she was like, what ur doing is wrong, you should focus on weights or cardio you cant do both.

    I also bring along the book and my notebook and i always get lame comments like, oh whens the test and what r u writing blah blah.

    I just avoid them now and do my thing, and it DOES work, i havent lost loads (5.5 lbs in 5 wks) but i didnt start eating 'good' unitil about 2.5 weeks in, but im sure ive gained muscle, my calves are a bit more defined :)

    so it works, and go for it, and after the 12 weeks you can flaunt ur success! (i know i will! :))) )

  • Psh...don't listen to a trainer!! Ok I admit, I have one, but I really only use him for form and to mix up my workouts a bit. If I hadn't hired one I am 100% sure I wouldn't know how to use 95% of the gym equipment and I would probably still be using 5-10lb dumbells for everything. My trainer really pushes me past what *I think* i can lift.

    BUT when it comes to nutrition.. he and I do not see eye to eye AT ALL. He's told me to cut starchy carbs completely out of my diet for 3 weeks then have 1 cheat meal with carbs... No thanks.

  • jessiky,

    Carb cycling can work but its not the only way. I had the fortune to have a trainer that was not narrow minded even when I gave up eating meat.


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • You can actually lose weight and gain muscle at the same time if you are fairly new to resistance training and cardio (NSCA, 2008). However, the more cardio you perform the more lean muscle tissue you are likely to burn as well, especially if you follow a low calorie diet. Consuming protein can help maintain the muscle but if your goal is to lose weight and build strength I would focus on resistance training and perhaps interval training, which helps to expend calories at a much greater rate. Aerobic, long-term cardio and high intensity interval training benefits are similar but it depends on how much time you have to train and such. When it comes to weight loss you should not lose more than 1-2 lbs a week because if you do it will likely come at the expense of muscle tissue.When you talk to a trainer make sure you look into their educational background along with who they are certified by because there are a lot of certification that one can get on the internet. Best of luck!

  • I needed some advice from the gym staff to help me set the machines right. He looked at my program and said: "Do you want to gain mass?" And I was like "YES!". That was the end of it. It seemed to be weird to him. Well, women also want to have muscles nowadays. What century does he live in?  The times of the Rubens women are over.

    I try to find my way in the gym without help as much as I can. I really want to finish the challenge and then present results and have a good argument for saying: "Look, it worked!"

  • While you can add mass with the right program your genetics and the differences in hormones will only allow you to attain a certain mass. What did the staff/trainer recommend after you said you wanted to gain mass?

  • Nothing really. He just turned around and said: "Yeah, I can put together a program for you but I need 1.5hrs. You need to make an appointment".

  • An hour and a half..I cannot believe he actually told you that. Would you like some help? If so leave me a way to contact you through email.

  • That is very kind of you. But with the exercises I found here I put together something on my own. I just wanted him to show me how to use the machines. I will need to go to him again since I want to change exercises after 4 weeks. Luckily there are the animations of the exercises on the page :-) these are a big help.

  • Manuela,

    That is great and I wish you luck just like everyone else, including myself. I am providing a link for you or anyone else interested that shows detailed video analysis of a bunch of great exercises, which can help make sure that your are performing exercises correctly. If you choose to do any of them or are already doing some of the exercises this link will show you the correct way to perform the exercises.