Abs and intensity

  • I'm looking for some advice regarding the abs part of the LBWO.  When working with all the other body groups its easy to plan out the sets to increase weight as the reps drop to hit the higher intensity level, but I am kinda baffled on the abs


    Doing standard crunches 12,10,8,6 12 just doesn't seem to fit the same way other muscle groups do as there is no intensity portion, if anything the intensity drops as the number of crunches drops. What are y'all doing for the abs part of the LBWO to feel like you are really working them to hit that magic "10".

  • bcbill,

    I must admit it took me awhile to get the hang of this, but now it is amazing!! At first I still had my old mentality about lifting weights. So when I first did abs I grabed some weight and hit the decline bench. I grabbed a 35 pound dumbbell and did some situps with well...you couldn't call it form anyway. I sure tore up my stomach muscles though and hurt my back. Since then I have tried hard to figure it out for me. Here is I have learned and what is working for me:

    1. When doing crunches you can not go slow enough.

    2. Keep your abs tensed up and down, push your lower back into the floor or bench or stability ball

    3. Breathe

    4. Keep your chin up and bring, or 'crunch' your sternum and pelvis together.

    Believe me when you do this correctly you will not need any weight and it will get harder as you go. Your stomach will burn and your mind will throw all it can at you to try and get you to stop.

    I also have a picture in front of me of the abs I am going to have and envison that sculped 6 pack on my body. This gets me through the burn and helps me hit my 10s.

    Hope this helps a little

    Keep at it, you will be successful!!


  • Thanks Orin. I did my first LBWO yesterday and really focused on good form and slow movements and you are right the increase in intensity was there. The second 12 of the super set did leg raises and got a good burn on the lower abs!.

    I  noticed you are a fellow Okanagan resident. Hot enough for ya?

  • Great job on the superset! I am really starting to love that burn while doing my abs. It means I am doing it right>

    Oh yeah it is hot. I was up in Kelowna yesterday and thought I was going to melt.

  • Here is how Everett Herbert does it...

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


  • Here's another good post on abs: bodyforlife.com/.../19890.aspx

  • WoW! I don't know that I could even carry a 110lb dumb bell more than a few feet let alone do crunches with one on my chest while sitting on a swiss ball!

  • yeah its the ball that puts the whole thing just over the top! AMAZING.

  • I do the ball crunches to protect against lower back injury. Had to cut back for yesterday though due to Chiropractic adjustment.I have Ostearthritis at L4L5. I think the most important tip I got from one of the BFL journals is to round my back into the floor. It made the difference for me being able to do floor crunches or not. Now the ball makes it even better.