• Hey verse eight - obviously the first week is tuff, getting back into everyhting. Just make it to week two and you'll feel so much better..I'm in Houston but not near Greenspoint. Gym is a must here in Houston, running outside is a bear with the humidity.

    How have your first two days been?

  • Hi!

    I'm in the Clear Lake area(Kemah to be exact), just south of Houston.

  • Kim - I'm from Clear Lake - went to Clear Lake High-School! Welcome!

  • Hi, I'm sorry that I'm just now getting back to you. The site has been down for a while..I don't know if you experienced the same thing but anyway, my first week has been ok. It hasn't been great but I've managed to work out and somewhat stick to the diet. I think I'll really have to get serious about this for the next remaining weeks if I want to see major results.

    What about you? How are you doing?

  • Still going - I've had some more cheat days than I like recently- but still doing well. Down 14 Lbs right now and I'm at the half way point. Results can happen in a big way if you stick with it. I want to drop another 14lbs - so I'm going to try and double up cardio days in the last few weeks, and I might try and cut the carbs way down as well.  

  • How are all my Texas friends doing?

  • Sachse, Texas here.  About to begin my challenge...gathering up materials and planning to start October 18.  Just ordered the book and it should be delivered by tomorrow.  I want to start reading it ahead of my start date.

  • Eagle Pass texas here and just started again today! did the challenge back in 2004 and had great results! I did it for 6 months and lost 40lbs. Held the weight off for over two and a half years then its came back on so gonna do the program again!! weight now is 260

    want to be back at 220


  • Howdy Ya*LL... I am very encouraged by all the posts.. Its good to see veterens and newbies all trying to do the best that they can be.. I think thats kewl.. Keep up all the good work.. Starting again on the ball... I was greatly encouraged by the running man 5k pic.. Thats so awesome..My girl friend just lost 60lbs since the beginning of the year. She did a 5k in may and she did her first 10k this past weekend..  Wow!  

  • Hello!

    So glad to see so many fellow Texans taking this challenge! Im in the Kyle/Buda/Austin area..this is my 3rd try at the challenge. The first two never made past week 7 because of personal tragedies and now I'm about to begin my 8th week! Question for yall...so weighed in Friday..lost 3lbs but my bf is at 32%! It fluctuates between 29-32% does anyone have advice/ideas as to what is going on?


  • Any updates from our Texas challengers? I am in week 5 of 10 in a 10K training program. I finished my second BFL challenge on 10-3-10.


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


  • Born in Plano, live in Frisco now. Not too far away from you brian. Now when are going to have a Texas Workout!

  • Do you have a gym membership? I am at LA Fitness these days but I also have an old rusty weight set in my garage. Are you currently in a challnge? I finished my 2nd challenge 2 months ago and have been "training" for a 10K.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


  • 24 hr fitness is my membership. Fitness is a never ending challenge. I don't really do challenges like most do here.

  • I agree. I have taken what I have learned and continue to push forward while setting minor goals to stay motivated. BFL is a great program but so many get lost after 12 week as if the program is all or nothing, challenge or no challenge. I like to change my focus but by overall day to day year to year my priority is health and fitness. It started in June 2008 and I plan to continue living fit and healthy into the future one day at a time.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”