Sick after Lower body workout - help

  • Hi Everybody, my husband and I have moved to the US from Australia (here over 1 month now) and have just started our BFL transformation. He to put on weight and bulk up. Me to loose approx 50lbs (around 25kgs) and slim down. Anyway we've started this together and are in week 2.

    I'm finding that after my Lower body workouts (consisting of squats, deadlifts (as I have trouble lunging as my knee gives away) and calf raises). I end up feeling really dizzy and end up throwing up. We've done leg workouts twice now and each time I feel dizzy and sick. This week we worked out and I ended up being sick and in bed for most of the day and 1-2 days later still am fatigued and whipped out (no energy). Admittedly we did have a big weekend of walking around site-seeing, but went to bed the night before my workout at 10pm (so not to late).

    I dont' want to quit the program as I really want to succeed because this is the 2nd time we've attempted to do this program (first time was in Australia and no home gym, and husband travelling a lot). This time we have a home gym at home (but no cardio equipment) and husband doesn't have to travel so no real distractions. Also, my health has been suffering. I get reflux really bad and sore back and no energy. I also have high Cholesterol

    We are working out first thing in the morning (6.30am) on empty stomachs and trying to push ourselves. I am eating 5-6 meals a day following the BFL program. I probably need a little more water during the day. but I throw up straight after workouts where I drink water.

    My question is

    Is there something i'm doing/not doing to help with the throwing up and fatigue? Or will what i'm feeling pass with time.

    Hoping to get some answers


  • only the cardio should be done fasted. You should intake protein and some carbs pre lifting because it sounds like your body needs the fuel to lift heavy.  Try a protein shake pre workout

  • First, if your saying you probably need a little more water, its very likely you need A LOT more. Wherever I go these days (except the bathroom =)  ) I carry my water with me. Drinking constantly.

    Now you are saying that this happens mainly after lower body workouts, and my "guess" is that is because you are able to push yourself harder with your lower body workouts and also that you are using the largest muscles in your body. That combined with low to moderate dehydration can cause the dizziness and nausea.

    However, this may be an indication for some other things and I highly recommend that you speak with your physician and explain exactly what your dietary and physical routines are, and your symptoms. You say you have a high Cholesterol count, so you want to make sure there isn't anything else going on that may be a factor here. See your Doctor as soon as possible, and rule out those possibilities before you continue with the work out.

    Getting fit is a great thing, just make sure your health is not at risk before you push yourself.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  • a good heavy, intense leg workout will cause the blood to flow into those larger muscles, leaving little for the rest of the body (thus causing the dizziness and nausia).  many pro bodybuilders/weightlifters all tell stories of the post-leg workout sickness.  

    keep working hard and drink lots of water.