Unbalanced muscle definition

  • Does anyone have any fixes for unbalanced muscle definition between right and left side?  My abs on the left are developing more definition than on the right...is it the result of pulling to one side during excercise?

  • I noticed years ago that I am a very right sided person I can only really use my right hand for task alot of people use both. When not really paying attention I even put my right foot forward first. I have always been stronger with this arm and leg and have to pay close attention during workouts to keep my left side up with my right. I even try to remember to carry grocery bags evenly with my left (and Kids). My left still lags a little. (The first side to drop during arm curls) But I don't think other people notice the difference. Do try to work Both sides evenly pay attention to what you feel as your muscles contract and release, and make sure you are  using both sides equally. Remember you need mental focus as well as physical during workouts.