Starting my 1st challenge on Sunday 7/11/10.....anyone else?

  • good morning, Ladies! great job Becky!

    I also did my first workout today, I did the LBW. I figure I'll get to the not being able to walk asap. anyway, did great. ate steel-cut oats and protein powder, I like it with chocolate protein powder.

    Did everyone take pictures? I didn't yet, maybe i'll get my husband to take them tonight. oh joy.LOL!

  • Great to see everyone got Monday off to a great start!  I had an eggbeater omlet with one slice of whole wheat toast and water!  I did my UBW today and I was struggling to carry my 4 mth old son in his carrier out to the car...I guess I worked those muscles to the max!  I started the diet over the weekend just to get my head in the game and I have to say I have not craved any crap!  I think it's how good these shakes are!  I just finished my Cinnamon Bun Supreme Shake and it was delish!  Have a great rest of the day everyone!

  • Congratulations on your decision to take the challenge!!  Stay the course and hold self honesty at the top of the list of your goals.  You CAN do this!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I would love to join this group also, how is it that we join a group, do I just come back to this forum and go to the last posting and post?  Or is there an easier way?  

    I started on June 30th, I think I may need to restart and retake my photo's I will decide today, I have really done bad on the eating this last week, so that is why I came to the forum, to look for some support.  I am the Mother of 5 and I have a 4month old baby.  I was at 186lbs when I started, but the scale weight is not really moving so I am staying off it for now.  I would like to lose 30lbs in the 12 weeks.  I am also nursing so I would love to trade ideas with you all so that I can make progress and also keep my milk.

    Any way, I am needing some help with staying focused on eating, I have a serious sweet tooth.

  • Hi All!

    Please count me in!  I actually started a challenge 6 weeks ago.  Got through almost 3 weeks until I completely derailed.  I finally decided to start again.  My official start date will be tomorrow, July 13.  I am really committed to this.  I did a lot of soul searching to figure out why I didn't stick with it the first time, and I think I am FINALLY ready to change my lifestyle.  Like many of you - I heard about this program many years ago.  And like FostersMom - I was on bedrest for 10 weeks which completely destroyed any muscle composisiton that I did have.  Unfortunately - that was 5 years ago!  I want my muscles back!  It's time to take action!  :o)

    @ shaunas - yes, just keep checking back at this thread and posting at the end - that's the way to join a group.

    So glad to have you all here.  I hope we keep each other motivated and focused - I know I will need a lot of help.  Have a great day!

    Nancy Jo

    BTW - I'm 36, mother of 2 and I live in south Jersey.

  • Congrats Becky!And to everyone else who has completed your first day. I still need to do my workout for today but I have been doing the diet. I'm not sure if im doing it right because I'm not full after I eat, so I have to drink a lot of water to fill up. My meals are as follows:

    M1- eggbeater omlete with peppers, onions, and very little low-fat cheese and a black coffee

    M2- cottage cheese and peaches

    M3-tuna fish sandy with whole wheat bread and an apple

    M4- tuna fish sandy with a nectarine and black coffee

    M5- 2 meatballs (leanist meat I could find, I forget the %) a serving of whole wheat pasta and a side salad with EVOO

    and for M6 I plan to have a myoplex shake with fruit blended in for taste.

    I do feel like I have more energy, just feel hungry. Maybe its because my body is just used to just eating 3 meals if ( not less than that a day) and with obnoxious amounts of food, and its finally catching up with me!

    Also out of interest, what little rewards have you promised yourselves to keep going? I promised myself a new outfit from head to toe when this is all said and done!

  • I have a question if anyone knows. Would peanut butter be a protien or should i stay away from it? I don't want to mess this up! I was also wondering if anyone knew the big differance between the myloplex lite and origional also the difference between the EAS Advantedge shakes verses the Myloplex? Sorry lots of Questions!

  • Hello All-

    I started  the challenge on 7/12/2010 and so far I've Aced my first day of nutrition and working out, I feel my upper body workout right now (ouch), but I am still motivated and looking forward to adding my progress reports. I just got married in February and my husband is Mr. Fitness himself so I have to get my body into the best possible shape just so I can keep up with him:o) but mostly, I want to get fit for myself because I am unhappy with my body and I have a high LDL and Scoliosis, which causes me physical discomfort and migraines. So here I am at 173 lbs and 5'1" at the age of 32, and I am ready to make this change for myself and my family. I'll be posting and I know that everyone who has committed to the challenge will achieve their goals, God Bless!

  • Bennettamber- I'd stay away from peanut butter, I think the fat content makes it a no no.  And besides if you're like me there is no way I can only have 2 tblspoons!!!! It's just too good!    The myoplex lite I believe has less fat and calories- I think the lite is better if you are trying to lose weight faster.  I think the EAS advantedge has fewer carbs which is why the myoplex may be the better choice for more energy :) Hope this helps!  I found a great website that sells the powders real cheap and shipping is 5.95 for your entire order

  • Benett -- THANK YOU for that resource!!  I pay TOO MUCH for shakes, etc.!!!   Also, w/ peanut butter .. I use the adams natural peanut butter, and add a bit to my oatmeal for extra protein ... I think it's okay .. but definitely stick to the 2 TBS .. hard to do ..

    I am trying to get a sitter so I can go work out today - my 7 month old woke up at 3, which doesn't work for me to go to the gym ... so I am gonna get there at some point .. today is my upper body workout day.  

    Have a good day all!!  


    p.s.  welcome karmlapl!!  

  • Hi everyone. anyone else having problems posting? I type something, hit reply and it just disappears. hope day 2 or 3 is going well for everyone. we ate lunch at the WWII museum here in New orleans and it was a John Besh restaurant and there was NOTHING BFL friendly to eat! Boo! I had a salad and ate the chicken and eggs out of it.

    haven't done my cardio yet, I am having trouble walking from the leg weights yesterday, I am sure it will improve when I get some blood in them and get them moving. so how many of us are there? it is great to have so many!

  • Thanks Orrin! I am more determined than ever and am so happy to see so much support already! I took measurements and prepared a bunch of meals ahead of time to help with time. I have 3 kids, a new puppy and my own business. Yikes! That used to be my excuse...but no more. Now they are my inspiration. :)

  • I have to take pics today too. Glad we don't have to post them just yet. :) Good job on the first day and I'm so happy to have workout buddies!

  • Yay for new motivating buddies! Congrats on the baby. I too gained about 70 pounds with my now almost 11-year old son. I love the Myoplex shakes too. I find that I skip meals then binge before bed and the shakes have helped me to get consistent calories throughout the day and not eat so much at night.  So glad you are here!

  • Thanks Michelle! It's nice to get the extra support from someone who has finished strong!