Thank Goodness for Weight Training

  • Aaaugh!!  Everywhere I went this past week there was cake.  July 3rd family reunion, took my free day.  There was cake!  July 4rth birthday party.  Guess what? cake.  July 5th celebrated with just my children of course I had to make a white cake to go with the strawberries and rasberries everyone helped pick.  July 6th no cake but white flour noodles and garlic bread, which I rarely get cause the guys in my family are allergic to it.  July 7th friends birthday part.  More cake. 

    Did I have some cake?  Yes.  Mostly 2 bites heare and there. 

    Still I dropped a lb and a few inches.  I  think this has to do with the muscles I have gained lifting.  DEFINETLY need to be more diligent for the next few weeks, but like I said


  • Donna Lee-at least it was only a couple of bites here and there instead of a couple pcs here and there! My daughter decided to make carrot cake cupcakes yesterday...I LOVE carrot cake!! But I resisted!! =)

    Great job on the wt loss and inches! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Thank you.  Great job resisting the carrot cake too!   Sometimes I find it hard to resist the great things family memebers cook around here, but for the most part I do.  Sometimes I'll say hey,  "Will you save one of those for my free day?"  they always do.

  • i have to admitt i gave in and had a peice of cake on the fourth to. i stayed away from most of the fating foods and stuck with the fruits and veggies. but i gave in and had some cake. i work out all the time so it didn't really have any effect thank god:)

  • I love the 4rth of July, but I am glad to be done with all the get togethers for awhile.  I can hosestly say it's hard for me to eat clean around some friends and family.  Others are like cheerleaders and very helpful.

    Today though I am having a hard time getting to the weights, but seeing this on here gets me motivated.

    Going to hit the weights now.  Thank you.