Cardio Videos good for BFL

  • Does anyone know of any DVDs that would be good to use at home indoors?  Sometimes it gets up to the 90's here and I don't belong to a gym.

    Greatly appreciate it



  • someone else recently posted something similar. I would think it would be difficult if not impossible to do correct high point style HIIT indoors without a piece of indoor exercise equipment.  I do have a friend who has done it with a jump rope but she is an experienced jumper and is able to regulate her level of intensity and really hit the nine and ten level of exertion when she needs to.  Have you considered looking on craigslist for a used piece of indoor cardio equipment?

  • Before I started Body For Life I did videos called "Insanity" they are extremely hard if you push yourself. But IIpirata is right,  most videos (although they are hard) dont give you the HIIT that Body for LIfe wants you to get.