Work out question

  • Ok I am going to do my upper body tonight and I have a question. Last time I did upper body I started with flat bench dumbell bench presses. I grabbed 2 80 pound dumbells (just ramdomly picked a weight) and did the reps. It was real hard at the end and could only do 8 when I was suppossed to do 12 and superset to dumbells flys. Am I suppossed to be pyramiding the weight up as I go down in reps?



  • No Terry. Weights UP, reps DOWN. The first 12 are to warm up - you need that or you are looking for injury down the road. If you can pull of 8 at 80 - start with 60# for your 12 to warm up those guns! Woop!


    Writing down your weights will increase success too. Randoms arent wise - you will waste good time guessing doing that.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Thanks. I did write everything down.  I know it will get easier and I don't want to get injured.