• Hello, 

    So I recently started to do the weight lifting part of the diet. I do the reps 12-10-8-6-12-12 increasing weight each time and it works. However, by the time I get to the last set of 12 I find I cannot even lift anymore! I even lower the weight and still struggle, is this normal? I usually start at 12 and increase by 10 or 5 lbs depending on the workout? 

    Thank you.

  • hmn... I'm not positive you're doing it right.

    Here's an example obviously not the weight you lift:

    5LBS x12

    10LBS x10

    15LBS x8

    20LBS x6

    Next you go to the superset only you DECREASE the weight you lift say back to

    10LBS x12 Then do second exercise at 10LBS x12

    And it is okay if you do not complete the whole last set of reps.  You are looking to hit a level ten effort somewhere in there and if you only make it to like x10 of the last half and then hit failure you're doing it right. :)

  • Thanks! Very helpful! Glad this forum exists :)

  • oh, good! glad that helped.