• Do  i need to warmup before doing the 20 min hiit training. Is it a good idea to stretch before the workout. Same thing with the weight training workout. Is it a good idea to strecth the muscles, or do a warmup set of the muscles i will be working on that day?

    Recently I have got some pain doing the lying tricep extensions. Any tips on that?

    Finally is it okay to get sore after every weight training session. i usually stay sore for 1-2 days. Is that normal.

  • For your HIIT training, the first 2 minutes is considered your "warmup", I do the treadmill so my first 2 minutes is 4mph walk then I get at it. I don't stretch before...You should stretch cold muscles so I guess you get your legs loosened up then stretch. I haven't had a problem with not stretching (surprising cause I'm 42! Knock on wood!) For the weight days, some people will walk for 5 min or so to get the body "awake".

    Where's the pain during the tricep ext? Is it the shoulder? Make sure you are using proper form; you can go to exrx.net or bodybuilding.com for demos of the exercises...

    It is somewhat normal to be sore after every workout, especially if you are increasing your wts. I take Betagen which helps in muscle recovery so I think that helps in the soreness department!

    Good Luck!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • For weight training days  (MWF) I geton the eliptical for 2 or 3 mins at a slow, then slow/moderate pace.

    I do this just to get my heart rate up a bit, and "get the system running"

    Then, I'll do a light stretch of each muscle group that I'll be using that day.