Who has abs? How'd you do it?

  • Good day BFLers,

    Some background information about me so you know why I want abs:

    I'm 24 years old, 5'9 and in the summer of 2008 I maxed out at 290 lbs. After being disgusted with the scale and making life changes, I lost about 75 lbs over the course of 2 years without lifting weights. Despite the weight loss, what I basically did was go from a big plump to a smaller-sized plump (but I am much happier with my weight!)

    Now with this program I want to get lean and strong. I really feel like I'm on a roll here as I enter week 4 -- and before BFL, I was one of those poor saps who thought abs were impossible for me. But after seeing my muscle growth, I do think abs are possible and really want to work on them.

    However, I do think that when I do my upper-body twice a week that I could afford to add an ab workout to one of my upper body workouts without harm.  Actually, I could work on my abs 3-4 times a week but fear it may be counter-productive.

    So my questions are: What ab workout routine works best? And would it be okay to do this more than just 1 or 2 times a week?

    And for me -- transforming my body over the course of 2 years has been a great feat but to have a  pack of rock solid abs would really put a cherry on top of my success!  

  • Nick-Congrats on getting on the BFL bandwagon!! This program ROCKS!!

    Just a note of advice, it is said that the first thing that you want to happen in your transformation (abs) will most certainly be the last to pop out...Not trying to discourage, because the abs WILL happen, you just have to be patient and work the program so the program can work for you...

    I do my abs 3x a week after cardio; I do a variety of things, but the main thing is to go slow on your reps...If you google "Ab Boot Camp", you might get a great start for a tough workout. I use most of the stuff on there.

    Again, congrats on making a great change in your life!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Keep in mind also that abs are really made in the kitchen.  You must eat clean to get lean.

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  • Both of what they said are true. One thing i'd like to add about the reps is that the abs are worked at the contraction portion of the exercise, meaning if you are doing crunches, your abs are working their hardest at the top of the motion. Meaning, you should hold this position for 3-4 seconds and like the other guy said, repeat SLOWLY.

    And abs are DEFINITELY made in the kitchen. No doubt.

  • Newbie here, I was also wondering when everyone does the abs workout. They way I am understanding the program it is only on lower body days. Obviously that isn't correct. Also, if I am doing sit ups, do you do 12, rest a minute, then 10, down to 6 resting a minute between each set like the rest of the program or is there a different way we are supposed to do the abs, the book wasn't clear. Or at least I missed it.

  • Tracymomof4... You are correct... abs are done on the LBWO day.  Doing abs on other than the LBWO day is a variation that some are adding to the program.  Don't let that confuse you.  This is my second challenge and I have always done the ab workout as the book suggests.  Yes you do 12,10,8,6,12 even with the situps.  As the previous posts state... its best to hold it for 3-4 seconds on the contraction and slowly lower.  I find crunches to be a better workout than situps and less of a strain on the back.  Keep up the great work!


  • Yeah, I've heard that line before. I'm a vegetarain so I do eat pretty lean -- mostly soy meat products, steamed veggies, egg whites, cottage cheese, protien shakes and so on. I hope that's the right way to "eat clean"

  • I've just started to do my ab workout on my cardio days because I have more time to do it. There is an article on the BFL website that talks about abs and its titled, "Trusting Your Gut" and I am just following the article's recommendation on my cardio days. This frees up some more time for me on my LBWO days because I've switched to lifting in the mornings before work which make me hustle and bustle my way though.

    And yes, reps are just a number. The actual contraction in your abs excerise is what counts.

    Also, I've learned that your abs don't show until you get down to near 10% body fat. I just went down from 24% to 20% body fat in 4 weeks. If I keep the pace over the next 8 weeks, my abs might start to show a bit. *Crosses fingers*

  • Nick: Congrats on your challenge. The program works.....you just need to work the program. The old "abs" question.....every guy wants a nice 6 pak. Here is what I've learned over the years doing bfl: I had my first 6 pak at age 44 when I first discovered bfl. In the years since.....I have lost my 6 pak.....got it back again and lost it again a handful of times. The only thing that changed was my eating. My workouts stayed the same but when the eating becomes undisciplined you gain a layer of fat around your middle and the "pak" disappears. You've probably heard the term "abs of steel"......well abs of steel are made in the gym by doing excersizes. You can have abs of steel (very strong abs) but still have fat over top of them. If its a 6 pak you want you need to learn HOW TO EAT!!! One more thing.....healthy eating is not necessarily fat loss eating.

    There are many healthy foods that will hold you back from getting a 6 pak. The only way to get that six pak is to eat a high protein.....moderate to low carb diet. If you have a lot of weight to lose you can get away with more carbs in the beginning of your fitness program but as you get to the final 10-15 lbs.it will be harder to lose those last few pounds which you will need to do to see those abs. Hope this helps.

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