The 46-Minute-or-Less Weight-Training Solution

  • Hello everyone, I have just started reading the "Champions Body-for-LIFE." I've been working out on my own at a gym, but not really seeing results. I plan on starting the Body-for-LIFE program on Monday! I'm a little confused by some of what is in the "46 minute or less weight training solution" (page 112 if anyone else has the book on hand!) It clearly states that you should do 5 sets for each targeted muscle group, then immediately move on to the next exercise for that muscle group. Then it goes on to say that you should, for each muscle group, rest for one minute between the first four sets and complete the last two sets with no rest between....wait two minutes before moving on to next muscle group....follow this pattern 5 times for upper body, 4 timers for lower. first says to do 5 sets, then mentions rest times for 6?? And what does it mean by following the pattern 5 times for upper body and 4 times for lower? Does this mean I should be doing 5 sets, 5 times over for each muscle group in upper body?!? That seems awfully excessive.....can anyone help me make sense of this? Thanks so much for taking the time to read and respond! - Leslie
  • Hi Leslie,

    I haven't read the champions body for life but I would highly reccomend Bill Phillips orignal BFL book.

    The workout pattern in terms of the week ("And what does it mean by following the pattern 5 times for upper body and 4 times for lower?") is to alternate upper and lower body workouts and cardio days. So say on Monday you do upper body. Tuesday you do 20 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio. Wednesday you do lower body. Thurday back to cardio. Friday upper body and so on for six days. The seventh day is your free day. Beleive me you'll need the rest.

    As for the work out themselves.(" And what does it mean by following the pattern 5 times for upper body and 4 times for lower?") upper body workouts consist of 5 muscle groups (chest, shoulders, back, biis, tris) and lower body days consist of 4 muscle groups (quads, hamstrings, calves and abs).

    For each muscle group you do 2 exercises. For example - chest: dumbell bench press. set 1: 12 reps. rest one minute. set 2: 10 reps. rest one minute. set 3: 8 reps. rest one minute. set 4: 6 reps. wait one minute. set 5: 12 reps. go immediatly to another exercise like dumbbell flyes and, without a rest, do set 6, again 12 reps. now you are done chest. rest two minutes (you should need it) and move on to shoulders.

    I hope this helps a little bit.

    Congratulations on deciding make a change and take your workouts to a whole new level. BFL works!!! Read the whole book and stick to the plan (nutrition AND exercise) and you will see results.


  • Hello Leslie.  I have the Body for Life book.  Maybe it's explained better in there.  In that book, it's on page 79.  The basic idea is that one day (say Monday and Friday) you work your Upper Body and another day (say Wednesday) you do your Lower Body and Abs.  Inbetween, you do aerobic workouts.  There are 5 muscle groups for Upper Body - chest, shoulders, back, triceps, and biceps. This is supposed to take 46 minutes.  There are 4 muscle groups for the Lower Body:  quads, hamstrings, calves, and abs. This is supposed to take 42 minutes.  Each workout will probably take you longer until you get the hang of it.

    The basic idea is that for each muscle group, you do 5 sets of the same exercise, increasing the weights while decreasing the reps, and the intensity increases as you go - that's why you are doing fewer reps.  When you get to the 5th set for that muscle group, you are supposed to do reduce the weight and do 12 reps at a level 9 intensity.  In between each of the 5 sets, you rest 1 minute.  After the 5th set, you immediately do 12 reps  of another exercise for that same muscle group and it's supposed to be so intense (a 10) that you need 2 minutes to recuperate before moving onto the next muscle group.

    For example, for an upper body workout, you would do 5 sets of a one chest exercise such as a dumbbell bench press.  Then immediately do 1 set of another chest exercise, such as dumbbell flyes.  Rest 2 minutes, then start your  5 sets of an exercise for  the shoulders, such as seated dumbbell press. Immediately after the 5 sets, do another set for shoulders, such as side raises.  Rest 2 minutes, and start the 3rd upper body muscle group, which is the back.  Then you do triceps, then biceps, and you're done.

    I hope this makes sense!  It is very clear in the Body for Life book that I read.


  • Thank you both so much, it makes much more sense now! When I first read it, I thought that when it said to choose 2 exercises for each muscle group, you should be doing 5 sets of each of those exercises! Thanks for clearing that up for me : )

  • It all becomes clear when you look at the workout sheets provided here on this website. I think they're in the library section. Helps immensly!

  • Lots of great advice!  Lipirata is right.  Go to the LIBRARY section, click on Tools, then go to Progress Reports.  Click on PDF Format Daily Progress Reports.  There are five pages that are very useful.  Print them out and make copies.  I use them to track my workouts.  That way, you know what weights you used, and you can make notes as to whether you need to try to go heavier next time.

    Remember LIFT HEAVY!!

    Good luck LAMWille,