Cardio question

  • I get up at 5am on my cardio days to go to the gym. I feel completely wiped out for the rest of the day. I eat an hour after I am done. Has anyone else found this happening to them? Maybe I should do my cardio later in the day? This doesnt happen on my strength training days.

  • When is your last meal the previous evening? Are you doing the 20 min HIIT as described in the book? Are you getting all of your meals and water in throughout the day?

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  • The other question is are you getting enough to eat? While you shouldn't over do it, I found that I wasn't putting enough into my body for breakfast. I was making one egg white, from the liquid egg whites, and a carb, with water. I've upped the protein to two servings of egg whites, and a piece of whole wheat toast, on most mornings. That fills me up and keeps me going. So, not only do you need to eat, but make sure that you eat enough. :)

  • Thanks for the responses. I am eating my last meal about 8:30, getting plenty of water, eating enough after cardio and sleeping well. Tomorrow I will try cardio 2 hrs after my afternoon snack and see if that helps.

  • Everyone is affected by exercise differently.  Some people are energetic after a hard workout and others are sleepy.  I am usually sleepy after my workout.  I have been like this ever since I can remember.  I would come home from wrestling practice and fall asleep on the couch.  I will try the above suggestions though.  It certainly doesn't hurt.  

  • I know what your saying. My husband and I went at the same time on Tuesday.....he had loads of energy and I was wasted all day. I was going to try to go in the late afternoon tomorrow but I wont have time...its 5am or nothing. Thought about making a protein shake before I go to bed tonight and drinking it about 3am. Who knows maybe that will help.

  • Our bodies are so interesting. I do my cardio at different times, but seem to struggle with it a bit more when I do it in the a.m....doesn't seem to take as much to get me to hit my 10's in the a.m.

    I like what was said above about eating enough. When I've stalled in weight loss, it's been when i haven't been eating enough! Took me about three years to figure this out ;~)

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  • I have been experimenting the last few Cardio sessions with changing my complex carb in meal 5 the day before to see what affect this has and from what I can tell it seems to make a difference to my energy levels.

    I've found the different carbs listed below give me varying energy levels below for my HIIT the next morning

    Yoghurt or fruit (i.e. simple carbs) = a 4 on the energy scale

    Sweet potatoe = 6

    WW Pasta = 7

    Brown rice = 8

    I never feel a 10 on the energy scale because I'm obviously running on an empty tank first thing in the morning but I have really noticed the difference between the different carbs and now try to have brown rice everynight before cardio.

    Not saying it will be the same for you but might be worth a try.

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