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  • I don't get the cardio piece of the workout.  A couple years ago I put on about 30 pounds of muscle, this workout is awesome.  I never was able to get the cardio part down though.  I work out at home and have no treadmill or elliptical.  To do cardio I run on the street, and can't figure out how to do the intervals.  Any advise would be great.  I want to stick to the BFL workout as close as possible.  Thanks...

  • It might be a little harder to get the intervals exactly right when street running.  At the very least I'd suggest finding a track or a stretch where you can run and not be interrupted by street lights and crossing the road and things like that.  The key is to start your cardio at a level five for YOU. So running at about half of your capability.  Do this for two continuous minutes.  The next minute up your level to a level six for you or about sixty percent of your capability.  Do this for one minute.  Then up to a level seven for you or seventy percent of your capability do this for another minute.  Then up to a level eight for you or eighty percent of your capability do this for another minute.  The next minute will be your level nine.  Run at ninety percent of your capability so this should REALLY be pushing you do this for an entire minute.  Then drop down to a level six.  Do a minute at level six this is "active recovery" and is the key to HIIT cardio training.  From that level six climb back up in intensity level spending a minute at 7, a minute at 8, and another minute at nine.  Then drop back to a minute at six.  Repeat again.   Now you're on your last set.  For the last set start at a level six for one minute and spend an entire minute at each level all the way up (6,7,8,9) and then do an entire minute at level ten for you this is the hardest that you can run for a minute.  Then drop back down to six for a minute of active recovery and then you're done.  I would imagine that you will need a digital watch in order to do this properly.  Maybe some outdoor runners can come along with more specific help or even watch suggestions.

  • Question- I read the body for life women's book and it says to do 30mins of cardio.  Should I be doing 20mins as you've listed above or 30mins?  Is 20 just as effective?  

  • Hey llpirata,

    Ya, that's the problem.  When street running I can't tell what level I'm at.  Once I get a bit tired level 3 may feel like level 7, where when on a treadmill i can stay at any level the thing throws at me.  I understood how to do the levels, but thanks for the explanation.  I tried this with a watch, didn't work out so well.  I had my timer beeping every minute, but could not keep track of where I was.  I've got a good area where traffic does not get in the way.  There are also lake trails I'll run on.  There's got to be an alternate workout that would get my intensities up like this.  I'll keep trying.


    The workout on the site states 20 minutes, the women's book may be slightly different.  I would stick with what the book states, as it was designed specifically for women.  Good luck.

  • I dig your pic by the way...

  • In my humble opinion the women's BFL book is "softer" for lack of a better term.  I prefer the original book and the champions book.  These people have been there and done it and yes some have tweaked it.  

    Give it 12 weeks, it works.  Make sure your expectations are realistic and get busy.

    As to the interval training, try hill repeats.  They are killer.

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  • Oh yes! Hill repeats. That'll kill ya and is surely intervals!

    And if you can't find a hill... well at least make sure you're going faster during the course of each five minute block and spending a minute at the peak going really hard (level nine)

    RE the women's book.. I just don't know cuz I haven't read it I've got the original old book and it says twenty minutes.  Also, after I hit my one minute of nine and one minute of ten on my last cardio set I couldn't DO another ten minutes my legs are gone.

  • Champster09,

    I know it works.  I've done multiple challenges over the past few years.  In my second 12 weeks I put on 30+ pounds of muscle.  My problem is just the cardio.  My expectation have always been realistic.  My questions was how to do the cardio portion when I do not have a gym to go to.  

  • Find a hill...

    Run up it...

    then job down it

    Repeat :)

    Its a different STYLE of interval than the BFL style but its intervals none the less and you should be able to hit your nines running up the hill.

    find a hill that will take about one minute to run up.

    there's TONS of info on hill repeats if you google for it just be sure to tailor the workout to BFL (hitting muliple peaks in a 20 minute workout)

  • Find a hill that will take you one minute to run up.

    do a two minute warm up jog

    Now, Run up your hill... you should be hitting a nine effort as you get to the top.

    Then jog back down the hill slowly.


    There is TONS of info online if you google "hill repeats" just be sure to tailor your hill workout to BFL (hitting multiple level nine peaks in a twenty minute workout)

  • Thanks everyone...

    I'm gunna give that a try this challenge.

  • sorry for the double post! I was trying to fix my job/jog typo LOL.   Let us know how this goes for you!

  • My bad CA-Bay,  My first couple of sentences were directed at Weber.

    Only the last sentence was for you. 

    My apologies for not being poster specific.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • CHampster09, Not a big deal.  Thanks...

  • Bill Philip's brother shared a few years back: when doing cardio outside or on a for two minutes, then walk for two minutes, run for two, then walk for two...and on and on for 20 minutes. It's a great interval workout, and a great alternative to the HIIT described in the book.And you can do it anywhere, and it's also a HIIT workout.  Hope this helps :-)