• Hello, I wonder if someone has used bodylastics? if you recommend them and results..

    They said they work better than weights because they are easy on the joints. And that you can do most exercises like in the gym..

    Thanks :)


  • Goggled it.  Looks like a form of resistance bands.  Resistance bands can do quite a bit of good, but I don't think they replace weights.  And I don't agree that weights are tough on joints.  If you use good form, and don't "lock out", you are going to strengthen your joints as opposed to injuring them.

    Most people turn to bands when they are traveling.  I have used a 3' X4" assistance band when doing pull ups.   But other than those occasions, I think you're best to stick with weights.

    If you're considering them because it's all that is available, then use them, they'll work..otherwise get yourself to a gym.

    But no matter what, keep moving forward and Lift Heavy

    10's in exercise and nutrition = 10's in life

  • Thank you very much Jeff- I love lifting weights, but I think it is a great idea if you travel as you said, or, to have some variety to keep you through the years :)