Gym closed for Memorial Day OH NO!

  • So I just found out that my gym will be closed on Memorial Day.  If it were a cardio day I think I would be ok but it will fall on my LB day.  Here's my question,

    should I workout on Sunday and still enjoy my Free day for food or

    should I exercise on Sunday and just make Monday my free day for exercise and food

    or skip my lb work out altogether (gasp)




  • I feel your pain.  My gym is being renovated (walls coming down, paint going up, machines/weight moving).  Every time I go in, I have to find all my weights all over again.  Argh.  If it was me, I would do LB on Sunday and make Monday a rest day.  I just wouldn't want to break the roll I'm on.

  • I would say go ahead and do your LBWO on Sunday. Your free day for exercise doesn't also have to be your free day for eating, they can be separated. I have done that, but be advised it was more difficult to get through my workout because I hadn't properly fueled my body!!

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  • Another alternative is to do it at home on the normal workout day (Monday). Lower body is easier to do at home than upper body:




    Hamstrings (squats and lunges above will also both work hamstrings as secondary muscle):

    Straight leg deadlift (use jars of food or jugs of water as your weights if you have none at home)

    Reverse hyperextension (use an ottoman at home like a bench to lie on)

    Sumo squat


    Calf raises

    Angled calf raises

  • Just a thought ... there is a device called the TRX.  It is handy to have around if you miss the gym on resistance training days.  It is great for your core, too.  I take it when I travel. You can put it over a door or hang it on a tree ... really any fixed object.  You can increase your intensity as well by changing your position.  You can use it for upper or lower body as well as core training.

  • Stretch band! Push-ups! If I can't get to the gym, I do an upper body workout w/ my stretch band and hand weights. That's just me!

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  • Thanks everyone.