Problems staying under 47 min time for weight lifting??

  • I always go over the time allowance for weight lifting (instead of 47 min, it takes me usually 60-65). I use a timer and follow the 1 min rest with 2 min rest between muscle groups.

    Not sure why it is taking me so long per workout. Granted, sometimes it will take longer if doing exercises requiring one side at a time (i.e dumbell bicep concentration curls).

    Anyone else have problems with this? What did you do to remedy it?  Do you even try to adhere to this time limit strictly or do you allow for some variance?

  • Jjones2010, I rarely end on the "scheduled" time. As long as I'm increasing my intensity and hitting my 10's I don't worry too much about the time.

    Do you have the sheets where you can record your wts, reps, etc... Sometimes people have added extra sets in there by mistake...

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  • do you do a lot of exercises that require one side at a time? That can definitely take up time, but I will usually reast only 30 sec between those sets because I count the time it take doing the other arm as part of the rest time. Perhaps you can try switching up your exercises so that you don't have so many "one at a time" ones?

  • oh yes, this was one of my biggest frustrations!

    What week are you in? For the first 4 weeks I had trouble getting them under an hour, but then I noticed I was getting better at the time. Even now I usually take around 50 minutes. I always try to aim for the target time and have made it a few times, but do not get frustrated anymore when I go over.

    I think it gives a bit of cardio if you get the time limit and definitely minimizes the amount of time you have to workout, but concentrate more on form and intensity.

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  • I have that happen too, but it's an issue because I am using machines..I sometimes have to wait...

  • I seldom finish a weights session in less than 50 or 60 minutes. I work out at home and do a few exercises requiring one side at a time. Initially I was frustrated and wondering what I was doing wrong, but since I saw results from my efforts, I figured it was ok. :-)

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