order of workouts

  • I know you are not supposed to do UBWO and HIIT on the same day, but since I missed my first workout in 6 weeks yesterday, I am planning to double up tonight to stay on schedule.  I know there is a preferred order.....either resistance training or cardio first....but I can't remember which.  Does anyone know???

  • If I skip a wkout, then it's skipped, or I do it on my free day. Ex-- I skipped my LBWO on Friday because I was tired and very busy... so I did it on Saturday, which is my free day. Try this. If you try to double up, then you might try to triple the wkouts because you missed 3....... Just deal with 1 a day.

    Stacy Lynn

  • Once I did cardio in the morning and UBWO in the evening, so as not to miss a workout, while planning a weekend away.  Occasionally I miss a workout, and do as Stacy mentioned, and do it on my free day.  Just try not to make a habit of doubling up.  You want to jump start your metabolism six days a week, and it seems to me the daily (except free day) workouts help do just that.  Just MHO.

    Unfortunately,  I can't help you with the "special order" of doubling up.  I didn't know there was one, but hopefully someone will chime in!!

    Good luck!



  • Weight training before cardio so you have enough energy to get through the weights, is recommended from my understanding.

    --- Kitty


  • I have also been told to do weights before cardio, however you can warm up with cardio 5-10 minutes prior, and if not doing lower body do cardio after. But I wouldn't exceed more than a 2 hour session. That is what a trainer had told me at my gym. ??